DIY: Tata Nexon gets LED fog lights installed without cutting any wires

DIY: Tata Nexon gets LED fog lights installed without cutting any wires

On the top model, you get halogen fog lights but I was looking for a fancier option.

BHPian KarDIY Recently shared this with other hobbyists.

I own a Tata Nexon XM (S). In this model, you don’t get fog lights that are essential for winter, especially in Delhi NCR. Moreover, it helps in better lighting the road while driving and provides better visibility. Now, I had a few options while deciding which type of fog lights to choose. On the top model, you get halogen fog lights but I was looking for a fancier option. I had a choice of either choosing the projector fog lights or the LED fog lights. After some thought and research, I settled on the LED fog lights. In this post, I will show you how you can install fog lights in your Nexon device without cutting any wire. I installed DLAA LED fog lights. The part number is 542754400123.

If you are someone who understands better by watching a video, you can watch this video.

Required tools

  1. screwdriver set
  2. pry tools
  3. wire set
  4. faucet fuse
  5. converts
  6. front fog lights
  7. knife blade
  8. workbook
  9. converts

NB: Initially, I first removed the entire front bumper to properly access the fog lights frame. But later, I realized that it’s much better to pry the outer frame out with pry tools. You can still go and remove the bumper to get to the frame but I’d suggest simply removing the frame as it’s more convenient.

In the procedure I will use the same method of removing the tire but if you choose the other option you can use the given link to check out the other post where I explained how to remove the front bumper in detail.

wiring diagram


1. Insert the fastener into the frame and carefully slide it along the edge to make sure all the locks are open and then you can pull it out.

Note: Do not use screwdrivers, use pry tools only. Using pry tools may scratch the bumper.

2. Take a hot knife and cut the part of the fog lamp along the edges. Push it a little.

Note: Using a file, smooth out the jagged edges after cutting.

3. Take out the lights and install them. The mounts will have L1 and L2 listed to help you install the correct mount. You can also see if the holes in the mounting bracket and bulb match.

4. Take a washer, put it on the lamp and install the mounting bracket on it with two screws.

5. Place the U-clip on the bumper housing area.

6. Put the lamp on the housing and use screws to secure it there.

Note: There is the top of the lamp so you know which side the top is on.

7. Reattach the bezel.

Note: Now, since it is not equipped by the company, there will be a gap between the frame and the lamp. But it will be fine, do not panic.

8. Two wires with connectors will be connected to the fog lights. Use cable ties to secure their location.

9. Open the panel at the bottom of the glove box by unscrewing the five screws on it. This will allow you to access the grommet firewall.

10. Using the firewall loop, push the wire with the switch located inside the vehicle on the passenger side.

11. Install the relay near the car. I installed it here.

12. One wire with a fuse on it will be connected to the positive terminal of the battery.

13. The black will be connected to the negative terminal of the battery.

14. The wire with the scotch red lock will be connected to the parking lamp wire of the headlight socket. This will be the white wire. First, remove the socket with the help of a pry tool, then pull it out and connect the wires.

15. Open the fuse box under the hood. Now, I have a Nexon diesel, so I connected the fuse tap to the 20A Front Wiper Motor fuse. If you have Nexon gasoline, you need to connect it to a 10 A Reverse Lamp fuse.

Note: Use the diagram inside the fuse box cover to find the correct fuse.

16, Using pry tools, remove the coin box from the driver’s side.

17. Using a drilling machine, make a hole in it according to the size of the key.

18. Press the button on the inside of the box.

19. Connect the negative wire to the gold pin.

20. Connect the blue wire to the middle pin.

21. Connect the red wire to the last pin.

22. Put the driver’s side coin box back on.

With this, your fog lights installed.

This is what the ray looks like. It is bright and looks like a continuous strip from one side to the other.

Check out the BHPian comments for more ideas and information.

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