DIY: The armrest was installed on my Tata Tiago at just Rs.  1800

DIY: The armrest was installed on my Tata Tiago at just Rs. 1800

It has a sliding cushion, however, it doesn’t slip very much. It opens to reveal some rubber mat storage.

BHPian lemedico Recently shared this with other hobbyists.

Tata Thiago armrest installation:

Continuing with my accessory upgrades for the 2021 Tata Tiago XZA + AMT, here’s another one – DIY armrest installation.

I recently installed parcel box chains for Rs. 8, you can read about in this TBHP thread.

And this amazing modification to my car that broke the internet.

I bought the armrest from Geomechanics website. I feel the prices are absolutely unbeatable. In October 2022, she paid Rs. 1800 for the part with free shipping. There was Rs. 200 discount for online payment on original price of Rs. 2000. The same part is listed on Galio’s website at Rs. 2800, and the same part as the official Tata accessory from the showroom was bonkers Rs. 6000.

I received the delivery within a week, and many SMS + WhatsApp messages were sent regarding order updates. The parcel was a two-box delivery, well packed with proper bubble wrap.

It has a sliding cushion, however, it doesn’t slip very much. It opens to reveal some rubber mat storage. It is suitable for sunglasses, but without the carrying case. There are no color options and they are delivered in full black. This matches the interior of the Tiago/Tigor.

Note: This exact part is suitable for Tata Tigor as well. Depending on the manufacturer, it is suitable for 2016 and later models. This basically means original cars and facelift cars, regardless of XE / XM / XZ / XZ + trim

Youtube Link to the installation video of this addon.

The company owns educational video On YouTube for DIYers. This is what I watched a few times to help me install it on me.

This is required from your toolbox:

  • Screwdriver – double head.
  • Drill with a diameter of 10 mm.
  • A plastic drill or flat screwdriver wrapped in a microfiber cloth.
  • 10mm socket for body screws.
  • pencil.
  • A very sharp knife to cut the plastic frame. I used a surgical scalpel with a no blade. 23. The Stanley knife for non-medical people!
  • File to smooth out rough edges.
  • A vacuum cleaner to clean up messes from plastic debris.

The steps are pretty straightforward if you follow the video or instruction sheet on the box. A picture speaks 1000 words, a video maybe a million words. Take a look at my video and the manufacturer’s video if you’re going to install. For general reading pleasure, the steps are as follows:

  • Use the four screws to attach the armrest to the adapter.
  • Place this over the rear cup holder and use a marker to mark the five drill holes.
  • Take out the rear cup holder and drill 10mm holes at the five marks.
  • Place the stencil on the cup holder frame, and mark the four holes to cut.
  • Note: This wasn’t 100% sized and I had to file down a few mm more on each side for each slot to get an accurate placement.
  • Use sheer force to cut the plastic pieces, it’s no easy feat. It will create a micro-plastic mess that is very visible on black carpet.
  • Use a 10mm socket to unscrew the two body screws that secure the handbrake cable.
  • Install the metal bracket with these two body screws. The arc does not remain perfectly aligned; Wraps tighten. Trial and error to make it perfectly horizontal.
  • Hit the plastic bracket, it should “click” moderately over the metal bracket in its groove. Secure this with the included screws.
  • Replace the perforated cup holder. It will not open again as it has lost space due to new tenants. Just let it rest on top of it. In my opinion, the cup holder could be completely eliminated as it now has no use or structural need for the armrest.
  • Place the armrest over the cup holder, then screw the five screws to secure it last.
  • Note: The screw holes on the armrest, cup holder, and base mount may not be aligned with each other. It wasn’t mine and it took some time and flexing to make it so. The video shows what I mean.
  • Vacuum carpets, wash your hands, and enjoy your new accessory!

Here are some pictures, thanks for reading:

Check out the BHPian comments for more ideas and information.

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