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Do it yourself!! Episode 3 introduces Jobko, the fourth member of Tsundere

The following contains spoilers for Do it yourself!! Episode 3, “Does” DIY “mean why did you appear suddenly?” Now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Do it yourself!! This is a useful anime series For fall 2022take advantage of themes “Nice girls do nice things” And even a hidden theme for families that are also found. This is the story of Yua Serofu, a goofy but hard-working high school student and her daily adventures with the DIY Club. Now another girl has joined the team.

The DIY club needs more members, and in Episode 3, beloved Rei Yusaku’s woodworking club gets just that. A transfer American student named Juliet Queen Elizabeth VIII appears, but this reckless tsundere participates Miku’s future views on technology in the beginning. It’s up to Yua and Rei to convince this new girl to embrace DIY methods.

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Episode 3 of Do it yourself!! It begins with Juliet’s introduction, While being a classic tsundere Who knows what you like but won’t admit it easily. Juliet may have a kind heart, but she’s also down, impatient and rude, and has little interest in the DIY club at first. Yua and her friends find it strange for such a person to transfer to their old school at all, but Juliet doesn’t bother explaining herself. Instead, this bright and moody 12-year-old taunts the DIY club, echoing Miku’s views that DIY woodwork is ineffective and outdated. Rei takes it personally and picks up a fight with Juliet, expelling the young girl. Right now, things are tense, and Yua isn’t sure what to do. Yua is a simple girl who loves to make everyone together as friends, but for now, this challenge is beyond her. Juliet must wait to come alone.

Juliet is not a lost cause. Both she and Miku ostensibly reject DIY in favor of modern technology and computers, but unlike Miku, who is completely devoted to modern technology, Juliet has a personal history with DIY work, which gives her sentimental value in her eyes. She and her beloved mum used to do woodwork together, and this, combined with Juliet’s unit in Japan, means she’s more receptive to the DIY club style than first impressions would suggest.

Juliet sure gives the club a second chance when they invite her back to their hut, and there Juliet proves her skill with drills and nails. Juliet and the girls make peace, then Juliet becomes the official fourth member of the club, and that means only this club It needs another member to be legitimate. Juliet Tsundere is still tongue-tied of course, but she is finally showing the other side of her personality, and this will definitely pave the way towards some new friendships, and most of all with Yua.

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Episode 3, on the face of it, looks just like a traditional “Here’s the new club member” episode, and even adds a third Tsundere character to match Rei Yusaku and Miku/Purin. However, there is more to Juliet, now nicknamed Jobko, than that. This episode contains family topicsEven if it’s fairly subtle and not the main focus of the anime series, that’s what makes Episode 3 so special. For the girls in the DIY club, this is not just a way to pass the time or build wooden furniture. This is an opportunity to come together as friends and sisters with a common passion, and the power of friendship and acceptance is the glue that holds them together. This was true for Takumi in Episode 2, and it’s true for Juliet/Jobko now.

Episode 3 gives Jobko a “family” perspective on all of this, more so than Yua and emotional Takumi. This is actually a biological family matter for Jobko, who links the carpentry business to her beloved mother, who is an entire ocean away now. Jobko feels terribly lonely as a student transferred in a foreign land, even mixing two schools and ending up enrolling in the wrong school. Jobko even cries out of loneliness in Episode 3, but not for much longer.

For now, the DIY club girls can become her new big sisters who accept her for who she is. It’s true that Yua’s mother supports her daughter’s hobby, but for Jobko, carpentry really means family, and with such family close at hand, Jobko can finally feel like she really belongs here. The DIY Club is now her home away from home in every important way. There is no doubt that Jobko will be an ardent and hardworking member from now on, which may put her at odds with Miku. Time will tell.

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