Do it yourself: Five inexpensive renovations to "inject new life" into your bathroom

Do it yourself: Five inexpensive renovations to “inject new life” into your bathroom

With the cost of living crisis, the disposable income of many people has fallen dramatically, which means that home improvements may not be at the top of their priority lists. However, if you are looking to sell your property, or have just moved to a new property, it may be ideal to give the bathroom a nice look. Michael Rowland, DIY expert and CEO of The Paint Shed, suggested some budget-friendly ways homeowners can renovate a bathroom without “breaking the bank.”

1. Paint the tiles instead of replacing them

The expert said: “Painting tiles is a quick way to bring new life into your bathroom without spending a lot of money.

“However, it is not a task as simple as painting a wall and requires proper hand cleaning and preparation, as well as the right tools and paint in order to ensure a professional look that will last a few years.”

First of all, the DIY expert said it deep cleans the tile and removes any mold from it before sanding its surface.

After sanding, it is important to protect surfaces near the tiles such as cabinets and windows as well as the bathroom and toilet. Next, prime the tile and then coat it with the appropriate paint.

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2. Update accessories

The expert explained: “It is important to first decide if the toilet seat, toilet paper holder, shelves/storage/cabinets or mirror needs replacing, either because it is broken or simply dated.

“Replacing them can change the look of your bathroom at no cost. Toilet seats are so easy to come by, you’ve probably noticed a section for them in every department store you’ve ever visited.”

“If you are looking for something durable, a plastic toilet seat is a good option, they are generally strong and long lasting which means you get more for your money.

“They also come in a wider range of colors which means that depending on the paint color you choose, you can have a toilet seat that matches the rest of your bathroom, tying the aesthetic together.

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“If you are painting your own tiles, it is recommended that you wait at least seven days before doing so, to ensure that the paint has dried and completely dried.”

4. Lick the new paint

If not all areas of your bathroom are tiled, a fresh lick of paint is a great option to give a room a new lease of life, and can help hide any stains and marks.

When choosing paint, it is important to choose a paint that is mold-resistant, erasable, and can withstand moisture.

The color of the paint in the bathroom is down to personal preference, but the expert said that popular colors include sage green and light blue.

5. Add a touch of greenery

The DIY expert said, “Now is the time for those little touches that make your bathroom look and feel the coziness of home.

Ferns and maidenhair spiders not only tolerate moisture well, but also provide a pleasant scent which is critical to any bathroom.

“The spider plant is timeless, and it’s been used in bathrooms ever since the toilets were moved from your back garden. They are good looking and aware of space which make them great plants to place on your bathroom window sill.

“It should stay humid from spring to summer and be a little drier as fall and winter come in.”

Maidenhair fern is a delicate plant, but with proper attention will produce mottled fronds that provide a much more unique appearance than that of a spider plant.

This plant requires indirect sunlight with light, constant humidity making it ideal for often dark bathrooms in the home.

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