DockHounds set to open house Friday |  Oconomowoc . News

DockHounds set to open house Friday | Oconomowoc . News

With the team’s first-ever win in records, the team’s next big stage will be their first home game.

And DockHounds can’t wait for that.

“We just want to tell the fans we’re just as excited as they are,” said Jim Bennett, Lake Country County Superintendent. “We get excited just having them around town, and everyone is talking about our play. We are just as excited as they are to play that first match (at their home). It will be a fun night.”

With excitement growing from both the fans and the team over the opening game on our home ground on Friday, many players remain grateful for the opportunity to continue playing the game they love.

“It’s amazing, you know. They gave a bunch of people another chance to play, a chance to play, especially for a guy like me, kind of working my way through my early career years, so I’m forever grateful to those guys here in Lake Country,” said Lamar Briggs. Doc Hounds player, “That’s what everyone wants to do. We are adults now playing a children’s game. We still enjoy going out there every day playing the game. It’s a really great feeling. You can’t beat him.”

Besides this gratitude, Briggs added that he is looking forward to playing for the first time at Oconomuc.

“We can’t wait to get out in front of the home crowd. Hopefully we can get out there and put some victories on the board in front of them.” “We can’t wait to get out in front of them. We can’t wait to see them cheering for us.”

Pitcher Evan Kruczynski, who started the opening Dock-Hounds against the Milwaukee Milkmen, said that as well as playing in front of the home crowd, he’s excited to see fellow Wisconsin native Alex McRae take the hill Friday night.

“I’m looking forward to it. Alex McCrae is going to get the ball,” Kruczynski said. “I’ve played with Alex since high school, and I’m excited to go out and watch him play and get excited to be in front of our fans at home and storm into the new stadium.”

Oconomowoc resident and baseball fan Catherine Lindemann said Monday that she’s ready to play ball with the new home team. And although she is unable to attend Friday’s game due to her work schedule, Lindemann said her family has bought a bunch of tickets for upcoming matches.

Lindemann’s front yard is decorated with DockHounds signs, and when the Enterprise made a surprise visit to her Worthington Street home, it was decked out with Brewers gear. A baseball game was playing on her TV, and her teenage son’s baseball clothes were on the kitchen table.

Having a professional team in her hometown, she said, provides a close-by way to quench her love for America’s amusement. She added that the team also provides younger baseball players with athletes to look forward to.

She said two DockHounds players visited her home with a gift bag full of team merchandise earlier this month after her family won a lottery.

“I think it’s cool,” Lindemann said of Dock-Hounds. “I’ve been here for 22, 23 years, and it (the city) has grown a lot. It gives people something else to do.”

DockHounds general manager Trish Rasberry said Tuesday that the new team has gotten rid of its cobwebs after the series versus Milkmen. She said the team fired well, and a new pitcher was signed on Monday to boost Lake Country’s throwing power.

Construction continued at Wisconsin Brewing Company Park earlier this week, and Raspberry said it expects most of the work to be completed by opening day. She said some of the finishing touches may not be complete by the time the Goldeyes come to town, but everything is ready for a successful first game.

“We are looking forward to opening our stadium to the fans and letting them see all the noise,” Rasberry said.

The team is currently locked in a series with the Sioux City Explorers and took a 6-5 win in the first game on Tuesday.

Editor’s Note: Sports Editor Waukesha Freeman Michael Grennell contributed to this report.

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