Donate the Cradle of Care to Minden Medical Center

Donate the Cradle of Care to Minden Medical Center

It is a grim reality that not all children who are given birth or born will be able to live their full lives. It’s a fact that many would probably prefer not to think about if they didn’t have to. However, this is not an option for families experiencing these tragedies more personally.

In order to help these families and help as much as possible, Angel’s Gala was created by Kila Gonzalez and Maranda Salters. It is an annual fundraising event with the goal of giving families a way to freely and openly celebrate their precious children while changing the way they are cared for in hospitals and clinics.

Minden Medical Center, after involving themselves in the latest ceremony, has become the recipient of the care cradle, a device that allows families to spend more time with their children at a time when every second is precious.

“This all happened when our pharmacist Chelsea Brasell had experience coming into the business unit, we had a newborn and really had nowhere to keep,” said Mandy Hart, director of business development at Minden Medical Center.

“It kept popping up on our feed – people posted about this Angel’s Gala party. So Chelsea called Carrie Rasberry, who works on our work and delivery unit, and she just rolled around. We were able to come in for a party in September.

“We were a year late and didn’t really plan for it, so at the end of the evening they specifically said we wanted to raise money for Minden Medical Center, and hands just flew!

“Not only will we be able to have this cot bed, but we’ll also be able to get grief training for the staff, so whenever they have situations where mothers lose their babies, they have the right words.”

One of the founders of Angel’s Gala, Kila Gonzales, was present at the donation, and shared some words about what they do and its impact on the lives of so many people.

“Thank you all so much for the support and willingness to reach out to order this and want this for your moms and families. It shows your hearts and how much you care. It really is a breath of fresh air. We are honored to be able to donate this,” Gonzalez said.

“This cradle means a lot. It will really impact families and give them the gift of time.”

Gonzalez also has her degree as Grief Doula, someone who helps provide emotional support to families going through the loss of a child. Each Caring Cradle donated by Angel’s Gala is dedicated to a plaque that commemorates these children and allows them to live and help other families going through similar experiences.

For the cradle of Minden Medical Center, Carlisle and John Hoagland presented a plaque in memory of their angel child, Holly Diane Hoagland. Gonzalez shared some words about the family and her time with them and Holly.

“Carlisle and John reached out to me whenever they were about 18 weeks. They were having their first child, and they received a fatal diagnosis. Holly had trisomy 13, and she wouldn’t live. I was able to guide them through their pregnancy — an honor and a privilege — and get them ready for delivery. I was able. On being there when Holly was born. This family is amazing. The sacrifice they have made and how strong they are. And the fact that they chose to give Holly life, as much as God gives her, is impressive,” Gonzalez said.

“Holly lived nearly 24 hours. Right before they left, Holly passed away. It was devastated. Then they were able to use the cradle and spend another day with their baby and make more memories.”

Referring to Carlisle and John, Gonzalez said, “Thank you for giving Holly life, because her life means so much, and she will continue to influence people for years and years to come because they will see her name on this cradle and I know it’s because of her.”

Carrie Rasberry, MMC’s perinatal manager and the person who got the ball rolling over MMC’s engagement to Angel Gala, also shared some words of appreciation.

“Being a perinatal nurse for fourteen years and having to stay by the bedside with the family after a loss is probably one of the hardest things you will have to go through as a nurse. There have been so many times we’ve wanted to make an extra day or even an extra hour with their kids, Now we can do it. “I just thank you very much for that,” Rasberry said.

“After we received the cradle, a little over a week ago, our mother came in and we were able to present the cradle to her. At first she wasn’t really sure, but after being able to keep her baby in bed with her longer and being able to share that time with her, I left here at Very grateful and said her heart is now full.”

For those who would like to learn more about the program, or a potential donation to the Angel Gala or any of their sister programs, they can find more information at

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