DoorDash Implements Cobalt’s AI Automated Robots at Corporate Offices

DoorDash implements Cobalt’s AI robotics in corporate offices

DoorDash uses Cobalt bots to perform routine security tasks, including patrols to identify risks and threats, perimeter control, security escorts, and alarm response.

FREMONT, California — Cobalt Robotics, a machine learning company that automates repetitive manual utility and security tasks using autonomous robots, has announced a partnership with DoorDash.

DoorDash has implemented Cobalt’s AI robotics to increase security for company offices and help its employees return to the office safely. This is the first time DoorDash has deployed AI bots in its office to secure the workplace.

Chris Sherry, Head of Global Safety and Security at DoorDash, commented that the newly formed partnership was designed to protect its employees.

DoorDash is fully committed to the safety and security of its employees and workplaces. By placing leading-edge technologies and data at the heart of our workplace strategy, we have been able to achieve our safety and security goals while fostering coordinated experiences that simultaneously drive human connection and innovation,” says Cherry. “The same components that went into building DoorDash into a multi-category leader are in place. in how we approach safety and security at DoorDash. Since the beginning of our partnership, Cobalt has recognized this and has enabled us to rapidly experiment, measure, and adapt to the dynamic needs of our employees and the challenges of the modern workplace.”

DoorDash scans the security market before entering into a partnership

Recalling the origins of its efforts to better protect its employees, the company has been researching automation technology to improve its operations by moving high-volume repetitive tasks to robots that can perform those tasks more efficiently.

To achieve its goals, DoorDash’s global safety and security team collaborated with Cobalt and leveraged advanced robotics technology to deploy the world’s first fully integrated and automated COVID-19 check-in and check-in system across the company’s offices in early 2020.

According to both companies, the use of bot automation has allowed DoorDash to reduce transmission risks of COVID-19 in her offices, and enabled her to enforce mask-wearing, social distancing, and other health and safety protocols without putting her team at risk.

Recently, as more employees return to the office, DoorDash has begun using Cobalt bots to perform routine security tasks including patrols to identify risks and threats, perimeter control, security escorts, and alarm response.

Cobalt DoorDash technology has enabled it to deliver industry-leading reliability, quality, and employee experiences to workplaces, according to the company. Cobalt’s AI-powered autonomous robots are now in widespread use and are a pillar of DoorDash’s strategy for workplace safety and security.

“DoorDash is known for its culture of innovation, deploying groundbreaking technology throughout its business, and the workplace is no exception,” adds Mike LeBlanc, President and COO of Cobalt. “The company has proven to be one of the most adaptable businesses today and has taken the same determination to build a creative, innovative and secure office space. We are proud to work with Chris and his team, using robotics to ensure a smooth transition into the office for DoorDash employees and to give the company critical data about incidents and facilities management to make informed decisions. Better. “

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