Doosan Robotics, Vodafone, Siemens and More - IoT World Today

Doosan Robotics, Vodafone, Siemens and More – IoT World Today

From launching IoT devices to enable 5G connectivity in Brazil, to launching Vodafone New Zealand’s new IoT asset management service along with Digital Matter, here are some of the latest and most exciting deals and partnerships from the IoT industry.

Antarctica and Siemens Partner in Net Zero Advisory Service

Swiss environmental consultancy South Pole and Siemens Smart Infrastructure have signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to provide financial advice to companies looking to reduce carbon emissions. The agreement responds to continued pressure on companies to reduce emissions while energy prices continue to rise, with stakeholders and customers alike anticipating evidence of these decarbonization efforts.

“Customers will benefit from working with two trusted and experienced partners who can help them move from strategy to implementation faster, with solutions that perfectly fit their needs,” said Renate Heuberger, CEO of South Pole.

Vodafone NZ, Digital Matter Collaborates to Deliver IoT Asset Management Solutions

Vodafone NZ has partnered with Digital Matter to provide end-to-end IoT asset management solutions to New Zealand businesses. Under the new deal, Vodafone will use Digital Matter’s various battery-powered IoT asset trackers and software packages to provide customers with a comprehensive asset management solution.

“Vodafone New Zealand offers a simple and effective IoT asset tracking offering that is customized to meet the unique challenges and requirements of the New Zealand market,” said Stuart German, Director of Business Development at Digital Matter.

Doosan Robotics announces strategic partnership with industrial automation supplier

Doosan Robotics has formed a strategic partnership with Industrial Automation Supply, the latter serving as partner and distributor for Doosan M, H and A-SERIES cobots across the Northeast.

Cobots, designed as standalone assistants, are developed for manufacturing and other industrial applications Offers 44-pound and 55-pound payloads of 5.5 feet and 4.9 feet, respectively. The designs took off in the US and German markets, with the company announcing its US expansion earlier this year, and a new headquarters in Plano, Texas.

“Strategic partnerships are key to Doosan Robotics’ success, and with the addition of IAS, we continue to expand our reach across the United States,” said Alex Lee, Doosan Robotics Americas General Manager.

Shield-IoT, Daatora Telecom’s partner to secure millions of IoT devices in Brazil

Shield-IoT, in collaboration with Datora Telecom, has launched a new IoT security service that provides Datora and its customers the ability to monitor and secure any device connected to the cell via any application at any scale. The new offering responds to the growing number of IoT and IoT devices coming online, as these connected devices represent potential vulnerabilities for attacks.

“Hackers can easily attack vulnerable infrastructure and infiltrate an enterprise network via industry-exposed devices such as smart meters, electric vehicle charging stations, points of sale and CCTV cameras,” said Udi Solomon, CEO of Shield-IoT. “As new threats emerge, customers need a solution that can easily adapt to meet these challenges.”

This is where the new service comes in – analyzing device-to-cloud connection statistics to proactively detect the first signs of cyber attacks.

Quectel provides IoT modules for 5G rollout in India

Quectel will provide its technologies and services to support the introduction of 5G devices into the Indian market.These 5G services will initially be rolled out in 13 cities.

“Although many see high population density as a challenge for India, the density is actually an advantage for consumers and IoT markets because it creates a very large market to engage with IoT products and services.” Michael Wallon, Vice President for Asia Pacific, Quiktel. “The ability to serve people with massive IoT solutions that truly improve the quality of life and build a smarter world is a core goal of Quectel and has gone viral over the past five years.”

Partner with Exeger and Atmosic Technologies to create energy harvesting solutions for the IoT sector

Exeger partners with Atmosic Technologies to create energy harvesting solutions for their businesses Internet of Things sector.

Exeger brings its Powerfoyle solar cell technology to the partnership, where the technology converts all forms of light into clean, consistent energy, while Atmosic Technologies offers its Wireless System-on-Chips (SoCs) and IoT modules for power harvesting. These feature integrated energy management technologies to optimize, store, and distribute available energy.

“Atmosic’s ultra-low power solutions, combined with our Powerfoyle solar cell technology, will help reduce – and in many cases eliminate – the use of disposable batteries for IoT devices,” Giovanni Fili, CEO of Exeger. “This opens a huge opportunity in the $400 billion IoT market that will significantly accelerate its transition to endless clean energy.”

Enphase Energy and Home Connect launch clean home energy and smart device platform

Enphase Energy has announced a new agreement with Home Connect, the developer of an open digital platform for managing home appliances. Under the agreement, Enphase will integrate its home energy systems with the Home Connect platform, providing a smart, clean and efficient way to power home appliances that support Home Connect. Other compatible brands include Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Neff and Thermador.

It is hoped that this collaboration will help customers improve energy use, and prepare devices for off-peak times or when energy prices are at their lowest.

“Consumers today are more motivated than ever to make sustainable lifestyle decisions and take control of their energy use,” said Gokul Krishnan, Vice President of Business Development at Enphase Energy. “With just a few clicks on the Enphase app, families will be able to save money, run on energy from the sun, and enjoy greater convenience in their daily lives.”

To start, users’ dishwashers will be connected and improved, with more machines set to be installed by next year.

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