Easy DIY snow globe ornament with recycled materials

This month, we’ve tried some recycled plastic ideas, including Small pot plants in the “stained glass” style And the Homemade shrink art.

For this season’s ultimate recycled plastic, we’ll be using more than one ingredient that seems to be most plentiful in the holiday season to make mini winter snow globes.

First, we’ll need some nice, clean clear plastic sheeting, which you must already have plenty of aside. Next, some corrugated cardboard. With gifts being sent from family, or online orders arriving, it’s likely to get stacked up, too. Finally, some holiday or Christmas magazines or catalogs. It shouldn’t be hard to find.

Gather your materials and cut out four of the same shape. Cut the middle of two of them.

This craft is all about layering. Think of it like Photoshop or digital editing minus the scissors and paper.

Start with a template you can trace—a glass, candle holder, cookie cutter, or other small, well-shaped, simple item.

Make three traces on a piece of cardboard, then one on a piece of clear plastic. Cut them all off. You now have four identical pieces.

On two pieces of cardboard, use a utility or hobby knife to cut out the center. If you have a round shape, the result should look like a large ring. Be careful with this part when working with young craftsmen or do-it-yourselfers. Everything else will need only ordinary scissors.

Now, look through your catalogs or magazines to find some nice pictures. Pictures of cute forests, Christmas villages, or cityscapes look great, but you can really use any pictures you like.

Start from behind. Glue a background onto the whole piece of cardboard, then place one of the pieces with the center cut out on top. Make some “snow” using a hole punch and plasticine, and pour it over the final layers.

Find your template and trace another identical piece onto the image you want, cut it out and stick it on a piece of cardboard. You can use just one whole photo or make a collage with more than one photo. Cover it with some decoupage paint and let it dry.

Glue one of the pieces of cardboard with the center of the cutout on top of it.

Now, make some “snow” with extra clear plastic. Don’t use the shape you’ve already cut out. Decide if you want it clear or colored with a clear marker or paint. Both ways look beautiful. If the plastic is thin enough, you can use a hole punch. If not, just cut off the small, irregular pieces with scissors.

Pour small handfuls of “snow” into the already built snowball pieces. Don’t fill it all the way up, just a little less than half is fine.

For the cover layer, stick an image inside, facing out, and stick the clear plastic piece on top of the completed layers.

This leaves a piece of cut plastic and a final piece of cardboard. On the plastic, stick more catalog or magazine pictures along the bottom. Make sure to stick the part you want to see directly onto the plastic sheet. Gently press this bottom with more decoupage glue to keep the edges in place. Glue the plastic sheet to the already constructed parts of the snow globe, and then glue the last piece of cardboard on top of it.

Once you have the final layers in, paint the outside however you like.

Your snow globe creation is done, just paint or decorate the front edges as you like. Once you’re done, you can stick tape on the back to make a tree or hanging decoration. It’s lightweight, so you can easily attach a magnet or sticker to the back. Use them to decorate gifts or to create your own greeting card designs.

The easy finished pom poms are ready to trim a tree or decorate a gift. Pictures: Lisa Tate

I hope these holiday and Christmas crafts helped you organize a little chaos this season, but, mostly, I hope they gave you and your kids a chance to get creative and calm down during this festive time.

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