Episode 12

Episode 12

Do it yourselfThe finale begins with Serofo nailing a perfect screw in one last bolt to complete the club’s treehouse. This moment should inspire all of us. if it was Looney Tunes-Caliber hit magnets can learn to handle a power tool properly, so what’s stopping you? More importantly, it’s Serufu’s small personal victory that sets the tone for the rest of the episode, which can pride itself on a job well done and confidently. Do it yourself!! He is the perfect dark horse of the fall anime season.

This latest version splits itself neatly down the middle. The first half deals with the end of summer vacation, and the end of the DIY club as we knew it. Jobko’s imminent departure was, for the most part, the gently ticking clock that propels treehouse construction along. However, now that we’ve reached the end, the narrative gives her a fitting send-off filled with totems of friendship and youthful nostalgia. It’s an open goodbye, and fitting for that, because I can imagine these girls staying in touch and making trinkets together until they’re all grown up and wrinkled. Some of the clumsies feel a little pathetic — I think Jobko’s relationship with her parents could have been developed more organically over the course of the season — but the series is so adept at crafting moods that it detracts a lot.

It’s also funny that Jupko explicitly calls out Kure and Takumine Sunflower Girls Proselytizing, because the show itself couldn’t help but throw in some last-minute evangelism about the moral value of DIY. And you should know that I honestly agree with that now. The setting is also perfect. Immediately after Serufu nailed that final screw, Purin began pointing out Serufu’s flaws carried over to the rest of the hull. Again, though, this is storytelling. this is life. This is humanity. Each of these girls puts a piece of themselves into that tree, and that’s a legacy that will last much longer as a student. One day, future DIY Club members might strip away the secret lumber base as they plan to build their own cooler project. That’s what it’s all about: intergenerational connections and resource know-how.

The second half of the episode narrows its focus to Serufu and Purin exclusively, and that, too, feels well-deserved. After a full season of butting heads in increasingly flirtatious ways, they’ve earned some alone time. And wouldn’t you know it, they completed the project that inspired Serufu to join the club in the first place. it’s snowing exactly Same seat they sat on together as kids, but it’s a swing made out of wood that literally has their names on it, so I guess that’s “close enough”. It’s also great that Purin’s season-extending frustration stemmed from an offhand comment that Serufu promptly forgot about and Purin overreacting to. I’d complain about the show pushing this revelation to the end if it wasn’t completely accurate to both of their characters. Definitely That was stupidity. They deserve each other and I’m happy for them.

I am pleased to Do it yourself!! is very. In the regular season, his strong personality, themes, and presentation propelled him to the top of the crop. Kazuhiro YonedaAn infectious and fun trend Mitsu isoTheir potential contributions to the setting of the series are fused together into a one-of-a-kind experience with a focus on the future and the past. Among its nationals in the ridiculously stacked fall 2022 season, Do it yourself He is just one of the greats, standing alongside his brighter brethren. It’s easy to overlook, but you’d be remiss to do so. When it comes to convincing you to build a rack from scratch, Do it yourself It is an anime like no other.


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