Epson Showcases Advanced Robotic Solutions at PACK EXPO International 2022

Epson Showcases Advanced Robotic Solutions at PACK EXPO International 2022

Epson Robots, the world’s number one SCARA robotics manufacturer, will display its range of robotic solutions at PACK EXPO International 2022 at booth N-5265. This year’s show will be at McCormick Venue located in Chicago, Illinois. From October 23-26.

As the packaging and processing industries continue to advance, end users are looking for robot solutions that deliver the highest levels of performance. To meet evolving automation needs, Epson will showcase GX-Series SCARA robots designed for complex and demanding tasks and RC+® Express visual development software solutions for simple and effective integration. Epson’s participation in the event and live booth demonstrations will include:

  • Innovation Phase Presentation: “Simplify the Labeling Process” Aaron Donlon, Epson Robots Product Manager, will introduce a new solution that combines Epson ColorWorks® The CW-C6000P on-demand industrial label printer combined with a 6-axis multi-axis VT6L industrial robot, creating the ultimate in flexibility and customization. Attendees will learn how this full color printing and application solution can eliminate the cost, hassle and lead time of preprinted labels while providing ease of installation and use, versatility and a fast return on investment. This show will be held in October 24 from 2-2:30 p.m. PDT at Innovation Phase 3 at booth N-4585.
  • SCARA compact and high precision robot The GX8 robot offers multiple stick configurations and a range of up to 650mm. With Epson’s patented GYROPLUS technology, it gets the most demanding tasks done with cutting edge precision to support the high throughput needs of high-precision applications. The demo will show how the GX8’s innovative slim design can be easily integrated into cleanroom (ISO 3) and ESD as well as IP65 protected environments and quickly handle payloads of up to 8kg, all from a small, compact form factor.
  • High Performance Parts Feeding Solution Part feeding experience made easy with an integrated solution powered by Epson robots, IntelliFlex™ Parts Feeding Systems­ Software and Vision Manual. This demo will show an easy selection and placement process using a single 530 feeder to demonstrate maximum system flexibility. The IntelliFlex range has four feeder sizes and can handle a variety of parts from 3mm to 150mm with optional anti-twist, anti-stick and medicine tray configurations.
  • Integrated Productivity Systems This booth demonstration will introduce label processing using the VT6L robot and the on-demand ColorWorks CW-C6000P label printer, to print and apply product, warning, and shipping labels from a single printer. Epson’s ColorWorks printers offer flexibility and accuracy in packaging labeling, ideal for portion identification, visual management, and display of product images on packaging. The VT6L All-in-One 6-Axis robot is available in Standard, Cleanroom, and IP67 rated. It will also be shown with new improvements to mobile software and programming.

In addition to the Epson Robots booth, Epson will showcase its ColorWorks label printer lineup and will also showcase integrated partner solutions. From small businesses to large organizations, ColorWorks label printing solutions are designed to cost-effectively print on-demand color labels for virtually any application, in any environment. Learn more at the Epson ColorWorks booth (#N-5363). The ColorWorks team will also participate in the Emerging Brands Summit in Room S100, booth EB-71 at October 23, an event that brings together new brands with experts in manufacturing and packaging.

Epson is dedicated to helping new and experienced automation professionals alike succeed by providing essential information and education, and by introducing the latest robotics technology and innovations needed to meet the needs of factory automation.


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