Eternal Robotics launches Smart Eyes, an AI-powered monitoring and inspection service

Eternal Robotics launches Smart Eyes, an AI-powered monitoring and inspection service

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Eternal Robotics, a technology company focused on automation through innovation, has released a new AI-based solution designed to streamline multiple business processes, including quality checks, monitoring systems, and procedure recognition. The pioneering company is part of the UAE-based Mojay Global Holding, which seeks disruptive technology for investment and growth opportunities.

Eternal Robotics’ SaaS solution, called Smart Eyes, can monitor employee dress code compliance and grooming, an important operational function in niche industries, such as airlines, luxury mobility, hospitality, construction, and manufacturing. It provides businesses with a transparent, digital, and automated alternative to human inspection services, which can be inconsistent and costly.

Through standardized inspections, Smart Eyes detects any deviation, however slight, such as an improperly knotted tie, lack of safety standards and protective equipment, unauthorized use of cell phones, and more depending on the scenario. Compatible with existing camera monitoring systems, the app uses artificial intelligence to identify, track and monitor employees and workers in various industries such as mobility, hospitality, retail, facility management, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and automotive services. Smart Eyes monitors multiple parameters such as people, uniform, personal care, operational efficiency, product standards and procedure recognition, which are three main functions of the system.

Additionally, the system is easy to implement, requiring only two to four weeks to operate at full capacity. Customers can choose and customize the solution for the most important aspects of the business to be monitored and reported through comprehensive and insightful dashboards.

PREIMO Urban Mobility luxury chauffeur service recently adopted Smart Eyes To check drivers uniforms. The application’s AI identified cases where uniforms did not comply with company regulations and helped management simplify monitoring, attendance and matching of drivers. PREIMO also gained valuable automated insights into its operations and real-time updates regarding employee compliance (which was not as subjective as it could be when outsourced). Overall, the company recorded a 70% reduction in quality inspection costs, which saved a significant amount of operational expenses. The company has also seen an increase in employee compliance with standards, which has led to a marked improvement in consistency and customer satisfaction.

Raul Silva, CEO, Mojay Global Holdings, commented on the efficiency of Smart Eyes: “Mojay is a leading company that is changing the industry with new solutions based on artificial intelligence. The new automation system is a unique solution to streamline business processes, including inspection, monitoring and recognition systems Actions. Eternal Robotics has impressively proven itself to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence in the region, and I look forward to seeing it grow within the region and on a global scale.”

Srikar Reddy, Founder and Director of Eternal Robotics commented, “Our vision suite is very meticulous, and we are constantly adding multiple libraries to meet the ever-growing needs of our clients. We specialize in delivering AI software that runs on existing camera infrastructure and removes the burdens of ROI. Our expertise in Hardware engineering also integrates fully customized AI vision stations as per the requirements of our clients.”

Mojay Global Holding Limited’s other technology projects include award-winning MYRO, the world’s first commercially launched smart wall painting robot. The company welcomes innovative projects, business opportunities and resourceful people who dare to challenge the status quo and uphold the latest technologies that incorporate new and high standards in various diverse industries.

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