Everything you need for DIY bedroom decor

Everything you need for DIY bedroom decor

Another college school year is approaching here, and with it comes the need for new dorm furniture, school supplies, and decorations. If you or someone in your life heads to college accommodation in a few weeks, you may be on the lookout for things that will help keep costs down, especially with inflation soaring.

DIY projects are a great way to save money on decorations, especially when you’re in college, but even self-directed craft projects require a little Basic tools to get you started. Whether you’re simply hanging pictures from home, or looking to give your new space a new, personal look, here are some tools you’ll need to ramp up your home dĂ©cor for less.

1. Manual Thumbnails

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Thumbtacks can help you make a room for you.

College will really teach you that paper nails can do just about anything. Whether you’re hanging posters, hanging frames, or even hanging your own carry-on bags, the print nails will help you out. Some people prefer to use Command Strips in dorms, but a lot of Command Strip reviews indicate that the seemingly tag-free adhesive can tear paint away from walls. these paper screws From Amazon it comes in a pack of 1000, so you’ll have enough for yourself and your roommates. You can also get a smaller package of Rose gold thumbtacksIf you want a more sophisticated look.

Rose Gold Push Pins $4 on Amazon
Scan Push Pins for $8 at Amazon

2. A series of macrame projects

Picture of a roll of white macrame cotton thread.

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Get crafting with macrame.

Heavy-duty woven motifs like macrame wall hangings and planters can give a bedroom a sense of homey comfort that might otherwise be lacking—bonus, the thread needed for macrame is pretty cheap. If you failed to pick up on the macrame trend that was circulating on Pinterest early in the pandemic, college might be the time. You can buy this 109 yards A roll of macrame cotton thread In 38 different colors, over 6000 reviewers have given the product a 5-star rating.

$8 at Amazon

Two photos of the same contact paper in a dull gray and white marble print.  One picture has contact paper rolled up, the other one has paper adhered to your desktop and applied.

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Contact paper can transform dull or impersonal furniture in your space.

Contact paper can help elevate a space, especially if the space you’re redecorating has old plastic worktops or a surface you’d prefer to see covered. this is Marble print contact paper They will stick to your worktops and can be lowered to the dimensions you need. Over 15,000 reviewers have given 5-star ratings for this glossy gray and white contact paper, but if you’re planning on achieving a different look, there are plenty of other options and patterns available on Amazon.

$7 at Amazon

4. Washi tape for just about everything

Picture of a rainbow set of washi tape in different colors, half unwrapped so the bobbins rest straight upright.

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Stick posters, set up gallery walls, or organize your bookshelves with washi tape.

Whether you’re creating a gallery wall, organizing your notebooks, or embarking on a new journaling journey to start the school year, this washi tape will help you customize your space (and your organizational tools). this is tape set It comes in a variety of different options, with different patterns and colors in each set. Reviewers note that the variety of colors on each ribbon box make them great for decorating other things like plant pots, cardboard, and more.

$16 at Amazon

Picture of an orange toolkit containing several different tools including a wrench, allen wrenches, tape measure, screwdriver, hammer and more.

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Get the job done (with the right tools).

A kit is one of the best things you can buy for someone heading off to college. Not only will they be able to take on home improvement projects on their own, but they will have the opportunity to get creative with their decorating solutions if they have the tools to do so. this is Beginner’s Toolkit Comes with a screwdriver, pliers, wrench, tape measure, Allen keys, and utility scissors. It is also available in a variety of colors, such as pink, red, and blue.

$20 at Amazon

6. Really crafty sewing kit

Picture of a half unpacked sewing kit next to an organized and packed sewing kit.  The kit itself contains several small spools of thread, needles, scissors and other small sewing tools.

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DIY projects made easy with the supplied sewing kit.

If you’re planning on doing some projects while you’re in school, or if you want to give your college-bound student a way to fix their clothes and linens, a sewing kit is another great essential. this is Coquimbo sewing kit It comes with needles, several spools of neutral and brightly colored thread, a thimble, mini sewing scissors, and more. 16,000 reviewers gave this sewing kit a 5-star review, with many people stating that it made a practical gift for young people looking to take up sewing as a hobby as well as those who need a simple kit for basic repairs.

$7 at Amazon

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