Exclusive premiere: Grace Lear puts her DIY skills to the test to create her festive 'Run Run Rudolph' music video

Exclusive premiere: Grace Lear puts her DIY skills to the test to create her festive ‘Run Run Rudolph’ music video

Up-and-coming country artist Grace Lear is giving fans a gift early this Christmas with the release of her festive new music video for her cover “Run Rudolph. “

At the end of October, Lear revealed her cover of the Christmas classic featuring her unique country sound with a hint of rock and roll. Now, she’s sharing the accompanying music video, which is sure to get fans into the holiday spirit because it features a slew of red and green decorations to set the scene.

Lear explained that it was filmed at night in a rustic barn in Nollinsville, Tennessee, which is about 45 minutes outside of Nashville.

“We were there until 2 a.m. in this freezing barn, and I just have to do ‘Run Run Rudolph’ over and over,” she said. country now. “But it was so much fun, and these were all my friends’ Christmas decorations and Christmas tree. I said, ‘Does anyone have a Christmas tree?’ So it was DIY. And Christmas decorating is the best.”

Cheerful lights, an elegant garland, stockings, nutcrackers, and of course a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with a shining star on top and on display underneath fill the background of the video. Leer steps onto the makeshift stage to emulate her holiday spirit in white cowboy boots, a white skirt, a red sequin top with feathered cuffs, and to bring it all together, a pop of cherry red lipstick.

“I just love my music videos. That’s like my favorite part, obviously, there’s a lot of my favorite parts of music and songwriting, but videos are just, I’m a visual person and I like to bring something that, you know, people can smile at.” The first cut I got, I was smiling from ear to ear. And that’s what Christmas is all about. I mean, it’s the holidays; it’s fun, it’s fun.”

As she carefully hung up her stockings and soaked up every bit of holiday spirit, Lear chanted the lyrics, “Run, run Rudolph, Santa’s gotta make it work in town/Santa, make him speed up, tell him he can take the highway downhill/Run, run Rudolph, Raylin” like a merry-go-round. “

Choosing to cover this upbeat song was an easy choice, according to the Nashville-based artist.

“I decided to cover ‘Run Run Rudolph’ because it’s a classic Christmas song and I’m all about the classics to me. Traditional country, ’90s country, that’s how I feel,” she explained. “So I definitely wanted to do something classic and Chuck Berry’s version of ‘Run Run Rudolph’ is Better.”

Lear added, “I grew up listening to the classics in the kitchen with my mom who baked cupcakes. So I wanted to do something like that, but I wanted to make it really fun. I wanted to make it, you know, a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll, a little bit From the countryside, and I think we made it happen. Jared Hampton just smashed it on the production, and I’m so happy about it.”

With that being said, Grace Lear explained that she tries to wait until after Thanksgiving to start listening to Christmas music, but usually, she ends up succumbing to the temptation of Christmas cheer that comes from playful tunes because they remind her of happiness. childhood memories.

“Growing up, Christmas was the best time with my family and I have great memories as a kid,” she said. “We’re very traditional with…we do the same thing every year. We make the same thing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and bake cookies with my mom and my sister. I mean, it’s my favorite, my favorite, my favorite time of the year.”

While this may be her first Christmas song, Grace Lear hopes it certainly won’t be her last.

“It’s my first Christmas single I’ve released, one of many. I hope to have a full Christmas album someday. That’s the point.”

This art for this song might look familiar because it’s the holiday version of its recently released cover art Their self-titled debut EPProduced by Dan Fernandez, Jared Hampton (Lanco), and Daniel Agee.

The 7-track project features three new songs including “The One,” a heart-breaking ballad that reflects on love and loss, “Meant To Be,” an emotional breakup ballad, and “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere,” a cover of the classic Dwight Yoakam Track.

Grace Lear is currently on the road with a colleague American Idol The alumni, HunterGirl and Noah Thompson, serve as openers for their co-headlining tour. Her next performance is scheduled for December 1 in Lexington, Kentucky.

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