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Exclusive to FE | More competitors in robotics will lower costs, increase access to procedures: Dr. Frederic Moll, “Father of Robotic Surgery”

Technological advances have changed medical care. One of these “gifts” of technological development is Robotic surgery. Robotic surgery, also called robot-assisted surgery, is a method of performing surgery using very small instruments attached to a robotic arm. Meanwhile, the surgeon controls the robotic arm with a computer.

Interestingly, the beginning of robotic surgery dates back to 1985 when the first robot to assist in surgery, the Arthrobot, was developed and first used in Vancouver.

The following year, further development of robotic systems was undertaken by SRI International and Intuitive Surgical, founded by Dr. Frederick Moll, John Freund and Rob Young with the introduction of the Da Vinci Surgical System and Computer Motion with AESOP and ZEUS Robotic Surgical System.

In 1994, AESOP was introduced and was considered a breakthrough in robotic surgery because it was the first laparoscopic camera mount to be approved by the FDA. In 2000, da Vinci received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to perform general laparoscopic procedures and became the first surgical surgical robot in the United States.

Dr. Frederic Moll, a medical device developer and entrepreneur, specializes in the field of medical robotics and today is known as the “Father of Robotic Surgery”.

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On Thursday, Indian startup Medtech SS Innovation announced that it had merged with Avra ​​Medical Robotics, a company listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in the United States. During the announcement, Dr. Frederic Moll was also present and told. Financial Express.com Players like SS Innovations are well on their way to making robotic procedures accessible and affordable.

In an exclusive conversation with Financial Express.comDr Moll said that the evolution of robotic surgeries should be in such a way as to not only make the robots smarter but also be beneficial to doctors and patients.

“Overall, the robotic system needs to evolve in a way so that more data that the robots collect…and it’s used to improve the procedure…the robot does better…the surgery does better…so it’s not just about increasing intelligence.” Bots…but the whole procedure will make use of data used in a history that has not been used to learn from findings and errors and avoid some common things that can go wrong and build best practices in order on continuous improvement,” said Dr Moll Financial Express.com.

According to Dr. Moll, robotic surgeries can be a great help for fatal diseases like lung cancer as it can easily reach all parts of the lung and catch cancer on time.

“Robotic surgeries in general can help treat lung cancer but lung cancer specifically… It’s all about diagnosis and robots can be useful by being able to easily access all parts of the lungs. It can be relatively difficult to reach areas Certain parts of the lungs to make a diagnosis.With conventional procedures sometimes you can’t see the problem quickly…so wait and if you wait you’re putting the patient at risk.A comprehensive diagnosis at an early stage is very important, especially in lung cancer which can be very important,” said Dr. Moll. after a certain point Financial Express.com.

As pointed out by Dr. Moll notes that a liquid biopsy, which is usually a blood-drawn test, could become very important for diagnosing cancer in the next few years.

On the affordability and accessibility of robotic procedures especially in countries like India, Dr Moll said Financial Express.comHe said: “I think this is an important step because there is a real economic barrier for a lot of people to access cutting-edge procedures like robotic surgery. So, I think cost is a challenge and more competition means lower cost, so I think that’s a good thing companies like SS are taking. Innovations is a big step in that direction once you’ve done that, then you know others will follow… This is the right path to beat the cost making the procedure easier.”

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