First graders DJ Lap, Ivan Pittman, and Callen Redmond talk about the puzzle of coding with their teacher, Daniel Martin, on Thursday, December 8, 2022, at Adventure Elementary in Harrisburg.

Expands coding and robotics education in the Sioux Falls local area

These days it may not be uncommon to see a robot in your child’s classroom, as a number of local schools are integrating robotics and programming principles into education in a variety of subject areas across all ages.

Recently, thanks to grants from the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation announced last week, teachers at O’Gorman High School, Adventure Elementary School in Harrisburg, and John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Sioux Falls are using robots in the classroom.

Daniel Martin, a technology integration specialist at Adventure Elementary School, has received a $1,200 grant from SFACF to purchase several Sphero Indi robots for use in any classroom at the school.

Indis look like little robot cars, and are designed to integrate problem solving and computational thinking into literacy, language development and mathematics for early learners.

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On Thursday mornings, the first graders worked on the floor laying out different colored tiles forming different puzzles or obstacle courses to get the cars to go the way they wanted.

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