Famous DIY-Er Posts Before and After $3,500 Kitchen Makeover

Famous DIY-Er Posts Before and After $3,500 Kitchen Makeover

  • DIY TikToker Delancey Carson shared a before and after video of her dramatic kitchen makeover.
  • Carson told viewers that she spent 4 months and $3,500 to remodel her 1980s kitchen.
  • Carson updated the dated features and added clever hacks like deep cupboards for storing cookie sheets.

Delancey Carson, a mom of three, has gained over a million followers across social media by sharing her “budget-it-yourself” projects while renovating her family’s 1988 home in Georgia. On Dec. 17, she shared a before-and-after video of one of her most satisfying makeovers: a radical $3,500 kitchen remodel.

Carson showed viewers the 1980s kitchen at the beginning—full of brown cabinetry and a “stamped” ceiling—and the radical result—a bright, modern kitchen with recess lighting, arched doorways, and glossy white cabinets.

“We didn’t have tens of thousands of dollars to completely destroy this kitchen,” Carson said In the video, it has been viewed over 9.5 million times. “So, I started thinking about how much sweat I could put in to update this kitchen to be more beautiful and functional for our family.”

Over the course of four months, during which Carson tackled half the kitchen at a time to keep the space functional, she updated every inch of the room.

First, Carson painted over everything—including the wood trim and wallpaper—explaining, “Paint can refresh a space a lot.”

Photomontage of a kitchen remodel - a dark brown wooden kitchen like

Carson used $3,500 and four months to remodel her family’s kitchen, sharing her last before-and-after shoot on TikTok in a video that has more than 9.5 million views.

TikTok; @ delancey. diy

Then, before adding a coat of paint to the ceiling, she sanded it flat with a drywall sander she rented from Home Depot, explaining that the original sealed material had “collected dust.” In Carson’s video, the sanded roof section appears brighter and lighter than the sealed roof.

To tackle the cabinets, Carson removed each one, sanded and woodblocked it, primed it, and painted it. Then she added soft-closing hinges. If you want professional resultsAnd the “You have to start working,” she told the viewers. You can find the step-by-step tutorial here.

She said she replaced two water-damaged cabinets, filled the unused space above the existing ones with three more, and added intentionally deep cabinets above her refrigerator to store cookie sheets and other large, cumbersome items.

She said “No, it’s not a fire hazard – the cabinets are built to the ceiling all the time”. according to December 17 on Instagramand the cookie cabinets and sink are two of Carson’s favorite features in the design after six months of living with the new kitchen.

Composite image from screenshots of the reservoirs

Carson built three cabinets on top of the existing ones and added storage above the refrigerator for cumbersome items like cookie sheets and jugs.

TikTok; @ delancey. diy

Then, Carson and her husband added new laminate countertops, a single sink, and an arched entryway using a pre-made kit. Carson then built a bench by a bay window for $199—complete with hidden storage for the family’s surplus food and supplies, hydraulic hinges “so the door doesn’t break any little fingers,” and covered with a seat cushion that she sewed.

Carson refinished the flooring in LVP (a vinyl alternative to wood) to match the rest of the house, added recess lighting to brighten the “dark” space, added trim to give the doors dimension, and enlisted her four-year-old to help her repaint the backsplash with tile. neutral. Finally, Carson added floating shelves, explaining that the family keeps their most-used dishes there, so they don’t collect dust, and a display rack with brass bars.

Aside from scratching and scratching devices, Carson told his followers at Instagram post That the cost of the remodel was $3,500 in total (not including tools that the beds have accumulated over time). “No part of this project was sponsored,” she said. You can find budget details here — ranging from $167 for lighting to $779 for a new countertop.

“I killed it. I probably paid $40,000 for it hiring a company. I’m in the business so I know,” wrote one commenter on TikTok.

“Sometimes completely transforming a room can be overwhelming, but breaking it down into manageable parts definitely helps,” Carson, who learned most of her skills through YouTube tutorials and trial and error, told viewers.

Insider reached out to Carson for comment.

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