Fast food robots are taking over

Fast food robots are taking over

Flippy 2 works in the White Castle Fryer.

Flippy 2 works in the White Castle Fryer.
picture: Dennis Lee

We warned you about Imminent robot takeover Repeatedly. they food delivery. they Download our dishwashers. they Assemble our Sweetgreen Harvest pots. And soon one company in particular will be making sure that our favorite fast food chains all start using robots in their locations around the world.

Why Miso Robotics Expands Abroad

Miso Robotics website It states that its mission is to “make restaurant operations safer, easier and more friendly.” The company’s focus is on creating artificial intelligence robots to help with things like frying food and serving drinks, and eliminating “dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks in restaurant kitchens.”

The company’s initial investment was fully funded, raising $50 million by 18,000 investors over two years, According to food upon request. The international partnership now points to significant growth potential on the horizon, opening up the opportunity for Miso to put ITS robots in 20 million restaurants, Business Reports.

The move comes amid not only a national labor shortage, but a global shortage. According to BloombergThe labor shortage costs the German economy up to $85 billion annually. Miso bots, like Frying cook Flippy (which we met in White Castle)each costing about $3,000 a month to rent, and We did the math– It ends up replacing just over four full time workers. It becomes an effective solution to labor shortages, and Miso firmly emphasizes that its robots are not here to replace workers, but simply to fill in the gaps we’ve seen since the pandemic, and let “robots do robot work” and “people do people”.

Where can you find fast food robots now

Miso already has its bots working in over a dozen brands, with four different bots serving slightly different purposes:

  • Flip 2: aperates the fry station, primarily cooking and serving French fries and wings at places such as White Castle, Jack in the Box and Wing Zone.
  • Flip Light: sThis instrument may be known as “Shibi”, its nickname is in Chipotle, Where fried and finished off the tortilla chips.
  • Sippy: aThe automatic, push n drink dispenser is currently used in Jack in the Box.
  • cook right: TIt is a monitoring system that can eventually be used with flat Surfaces, ovens, stoves and other kitchen appliances, but currently being tested on Panera coffee machines, track metrics like volume and temperature to keep coffee hot flowing and provide insights into the average coffee service time slows down, etc.

While Miso may be the current leader in the industry, there are plenty of other robots that are making their way into the fast food world. There is a pizza truck company Stellar Pizza, which recently received a $16.5 million investment from Jay-Z. then there Burger-android build originator He works at a restaurant of the same name in California. based in London Karakuri And the Nala Robotics Suite Both are direct competitors to Flippy, focusing on automating the frying process.

All these companies confirm That the purpose of this technology Not to take jobs but Make some operations safer and more efficient. It feels cute enough, but it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Miso Hippy makes the Human Robot to greet customers and take orders. The robot takeover will be here before we know it, one drive at a time.

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