Fazerdaze: “Writing and recording this EP felt like letting go” |  an interview

Fazerdaze: “Writing and recording this EP felt like letting go” | an interview

“One thing I learn as a creator is that it’s best not to try to control the output.”

It’s been five years since your last music and there has been real support from people like Lord and King Kroll about your comeback. How did you see this reaction from fans and peers?
I felt really warm and supportive. I can’t even really describe it. I feel right to play music again. I’m a huge fan of both Ella and Archy, anyone who knows me well knows how much I like them, so this was encouraging.

New Epic EP “Break!” Addresses an internal turning point you had to get to to get out the other side, how did writing this log help/reflect that?
Writing and recording this EP felt like giving up. I stopped judging myself as I wrote, and eventually allowed myself to finish something. I allowed ugliness, grit, and chaos into the recording/creative process and into my life at the same time. I let the words in that weren’t perfect but conveyed enough of what I was trying to say. I was still recovering from voice loss when I tracked a lot of this, so I relied on distortion to help me record vocals. Again, just allow the ‘existence’ of where you’ve been, and learn to work with it and not against it.

What influences were going to go into your painting this time? Do you think they’ve changed since the last time we heard you?
This is a strange work to me, quite eclectic, less beautiful and dreamy compared to my previous ones. I started listening to more rap and hip hop music since then. I enjoy how rappers use lyrics in a rhythmic and rhythmic way and the amount of lyrical content that can fit into one song. I obviously relied on this a bit for the “Winter” track where the verses are more about vocal rhythms than melody. This is fairly new to me as I usually deal with melodies. I’m warned that the majority of fans prefer the beautiful and sweet Fazerdaze songs but the one thing I’ve learned as a creator is that it’s best not to try to control the output, just let what’s inside of me flow and then move on to the next thing.

Musically, it’s a really emphatic and comforting release that finds the positive in the idea of ​​a breaking point; What do you hope people get out of these songs?
I hope people feel free when they hear this. I hope it gives people permission and freedom to feel how they feel. I was stuck in a cycle of my own toxic positivity for years telling myself that I was fine, that I was ‘happy’ and at the same time suppressing all my negative emotions. These songs allowed me to express that I was not feeling well, in fact I was really angry. Letting go of my anger has been really healthy for me, and I hope this EP will remind people that you are allowed to feel the way you want to feel.

You said part of the problem has been burnout and impostor syndrome with your past successes – there’s been a lot of conversation lately about artist burnout, how do you think the industry needs to change to help artists in this way?
I’m really happy to see more conversations on this topic. When I went through all of that, I had no idea what I was going through and felt really isolated. I think for things to get better, artists need to feel safe expressing their abilities at work, without being threatened by the labels or management being overlooked. I think it will be powerful when the music industry makes it a habit to build release/tour strategies around the artist and their unique abilities, rather than expecting the artist to meet a standard release/tour format and then work on it completely until the tank is empty. I think conversations and awareness are great. We are becoming more and more aware of this recurring pattern, and that is a positive.

Going back to the music game after learning so many life lessons, are your ambitions any different this time around?
Previously, I had a feeling of wanting to prove myself to the world. This time around, I’m more focused on my creative, mental, and spiritual well-being above all else. I am still ambitious, but less on the outside, and more in an inner, creative and calm way.

You’ve said you want your next full release to be something beautiful and widescreen, and now that you’ve taken the frustrations out – how do that come together and what can we expect?
All I can say is that it flows well and is almost done. The EP taught me a bunch of necessary lessons that helped guide my way to completing this next job 🙂

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