Flyers Win Opening MAC |  Daily Standard Stories

Flyers Win Opening MAC | Daily Standard Stories

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Marion’s defense stifles the Palace of Versailles

by Tom Haines

Photo by Paige Sutter/The Daily Standard

Nora Eckstein of Marion fights for the ball with Gina Dirksen of Versailles in the barn on Tuesday.

Maria Steen – In the first eight minutes, Marion Lokal lost 13 points.

Over the next 22 minutes, the Flyers allowed 12.

Marion toughened her defense, continued to hit the foul line and continued to show growth on offense in a 46-36 win over Versailles in the Midwest Athletic Conference girls’ basketball opener at The Hanger on Tuesday.

“It was definitely a battle for MAC, both teams were very physical, both teams were aggressive,” Marion coach Beth Streep said. “I thought offensively, we’ve been a little more consistent than we had been at the start of the year. Our offense scored evenly through the quarter and between the players, so that was fine. Defensively, we contained their fast guards really well and then slowed down their later play.”

The Tigers took the lead midway through the first quarter and scored five points in the last minute to get a 13-8 advantage going into the second. Chloe Ronnebaum cut the deficit 15 seconds in the second quarter with a long jump from the right side and Lindsey Koenig added a free throw before sliding down the right wing for a triple-goal that put Marion (3-1, 1-0 MAC) ahead with 6:06 left in the game. inning.

Photo by Paige Sutter/The Daily Standard

Marion’s Lindsay Koenig tries to dethrone Versailles’ Jenna Dirksen in the fold on Tuesday.

Versailles (0-4, 0-1 MAC) retook the lead on a pair of free throws, but the Tigers’ foul play began to catch up to them. Avae Unrast fouled a steal and went to one line with 4:41 left in the half, sinking both to put the Flyers ahead for good.

Unrast drove the course 35 seconds later, got another foul called, hit two more throws, and Koenig added two buckets with an assist from Chloe Ronnebaum, the first on the back of the basket and the second on the short jump that made it 22-15 with 2:35 to go.

“We talked about doubling up on the post, getting the guards out a little bit, and getting the assist side up there quicker as well,” Streep said. “The girls responded after the first quarter and stepped up defensively. That’s what got us ahead in the first half, which is always a good thing.”

Marion went into halftime with a five-point lead, and Unrast caught a steal and then a layup along the baseline to extend the lead 25 seconds into the third. The Flyers didn’t score from the field for another five minutes, but in that period, the Versailles team made six more fouls.

Ronnebaum recorded a shooting error in the last 30 seconds of the Tigers’ seventh game of the seventh inning, putting them on bonus for the entire fourth quarter.

“Our rangers attacked more north and south than side by side,” Streep said. “When you do that and go more to the edge, they’re more apt to call those fouls. But the more guards that look after the ball, the more turnovers, the more positional the defense has, too.”

Meanwhile, the Marion defense held Versailles without the bucket for 13 minutes, a run by Lexi Maguto with seven seconds left in the first quarter to a layup by Kasey Leach with 3:06 to go on third.

Katey Litten hit a shot outside the paint a minute later to make it 28-21, but the Tigers mustered only three free throws in the next eight minutes as the Flyers built the lead.

Photo by Paige Sutter/The Daily Standard

Marion Local’s Stella Huelsmann was tackled by a Versailles cannon in the hangar on Tuesday.

Versailles finally scored a series of points in the final two minutes, starting with two layups in 30 seconds by Gina Dirksen and followed by kicks by Litten, Leitch and Taylor Wagner, but it was too little and too late. The Flyers went 9-for-10 from charity tape in the final 3:11 and caught a crossover throw by Stella Huelsman to close the game.

Marion finished 24 of 32 from the free throw line and 10 of 35 from the field. Unrast went 10-of-10 from the streak and scored 14 points, while Ronnebaum and Koenig each added 10 points.

“We just talked about ball movement, more ball reflexes, being patient and taking the best shot we can get,” Streep said. “In the first few games our shooting choices weren’t always the best, and we want to take a higher percentage of our shot if possible.”

The Flyers also beat Versailles 10 days earlier, and took a 42-39 win in the consolation bracket at the Kewpee Tip-off Classic at Bath High School.

Marion travels to Delphos on Thursdays to play St. Louis. John’s in another MAC game.

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