Genesys is the first in the region to offer minimally invasive, robot-assisted biopsies

Genesys is the first in the region to offer minimally invasive, robot-assisted biopsies

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Genesis Medical Center is the first in the Quad Cities to offer the Ion by Intuitive System, a robot-assisted platform for minimally invasive lung biopsies.

Genesis said in a media release that this procedure allows doctors to more easily obtain tissue samples for early detection and staging of lung cancer.

According to Genesis, lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death, largely because it often goes undiagnosed until the disease is advanced and difficult to treat.

“Ion navigational bronchoscopy is an important advance in the early detection of lung cancer in our patients,” said pulmonologist Brian Witt, MD, of Genesis Pulmonary Associates. “It offers pulmonologists a minimally invasive way to access areas of the lung that were previously almost impossible to access and biopsy lung nodules for immediate diagnosis. Finding lung cancer at an early stage can improve outcomes for patients and give them a better chance of survival.” Alive “.

Ion navigational bronchoscopy can reach areas of the lungs with narrow spaces and narrow airways that traditional bronchoscopes cannot easily reach, according to the edition.

Genesis said Patty Gilbreath, 59, of Davenport, learned she had lung cancer after Dr. Witt performed a lung biopsy using ion technology. Her lung cancer was discovered in its earliest stage, stage I. On November 9, she underwent surgery at Genesis to remove a lobe from her lung that contained two precancerous lung nodules. She continues to recover from her surgery and feels “happy” at being cancer-free.

“I am grateful for the lung ion biopsy and grateful to be cancer-free,” said Gilbreath, who smoked 45 years before quitting and undergoes annual CT scans for lung cancer. She has a family history of cancer. “The minute you’re told you have cancer, your life kind of comes to a halt. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance and I have a new outlook on life. An amazing thing.”

Genesis officials said Dr. Witt and Anand Komori, MD, also at Genesis Pulmonary Associates, have been using Ion since August.

“Ion navigational bronchoscopy significantly reduces the risk of lung collapse,” said Dr. Komori. “The ion catheter can navigate narrow spaces, bending 180 degrees in all directions, to reach any pulmonary nodule and obtain a sample of tissue for a more accurate biopsy.”

According to Genesis, prior to Ion, the common method to identify and biopsy suspicious lung nodules was to use a direct CT scan and a needle, entering the chest wall and lung from outside the body, which carries a significant risk of a collapsed lung, which can require hospitalization for some patients. Ion minimally invasive lung biopsy is safer for patients, with faster recovery.

Before the biopsy, the Ion software uses CT scans of the lungs to create 3-D images of the airway to map a course for a suspicious nodule, according to Genesis. With the Ion Vision probe, Dr. Witt and Komori have real-time vision of the airways. The very thin ionic catheter is inserted, and travels to the patient’s lung through the mouth and throat and through an endotracheal tube. This has fewer complications than using a needle inserted outside the body.

The Ion is the latest addition to the Genesis robotic assistive technology. Genesis said its robot-assisted surgery program in 2009 using the da Vinci robot. Now Genesis has four da Vinci robots for surgery, one ion for lung disease, and one Rosa knee for a total knee replacement. Genesis Medical Center, Silves, also has Rosa.

“We are excited to bring the ION to Genesis as the latest robot-assisted technology to bring patients back to their lives sooner,” said Jordan Voigt, MD, president of Genesis Medical Center in Davenport. “We offer the region’s most advanced and comprehensive program of minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgical procedures, with 22 active providers and over 5,400 procedures performed. Some examples of the many procedures we perform include prostatectomy, gallbladder removal, knee replacement, hernia repair, and hysterectomies.”

Patients are at risk

Genesis said it offers a lung cancer screening program for patients at risk to detect lung cancer early, before symptoms start, and improve outcomes. Call 563-421-LUNG (5864) to learn more.

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