Get your own DIY in the new Maker space at The Hawk in Farmington Hills

Get your own DIY in the new Maker space at The Hawk in Farmington Hills

The new manufacturing space at The Hawk in Farmington Hills is filled with tools for sewing, carpentry, 3D printing, graphic design and more.

City officials have not been able to find a similar community-run service that they believe is unlike any other service in the state.

The Makerspace Center recently opened on the second floor of the $22.5 million facility and was outfitted mostly with a $537,000 grant from the Bosch Group, which is headquartered in Farmington Hills. The scholarship is the largest Bush grant in the United States to date.

Because of all the big and expensive equipment in the space, officials expect DIY enthusiasts to take advantage of tools they might not be able to buy or fit in their homes.

“When we started to see that the plane was going to become a reality, we realized it was a very massive building,” city manager Gary Meekjian said. “We knew that in high school, she already had a car shop and a lumber shop. We wanted to be able to provide access to a facility like that.”

An employee displays a quilting machine in the new Makerspace in The Hawk.

City employees expect to be excited about some of the big-ticket items including a laser wood engraving machine and quilt maker.

“There are a lot of filters in this area, and a lot of people have to send in their quilts to be finished,” said Rachel Timlin, supervisor of cultural arts at The Hawk. “So they’re excited to get in and learn how to use this. A lot of filters don’t fit something like this in their home.”

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