Gift easy, convenient, and easy-to-use DIY plant growing kits at M'sia

Gift easy, convenient, and easy-to-use DIY plant growing kits at M’sia

People with thriving herb gardens always seem to be together. I haven’t unlocked this secret to a better life yet, but it’s not because of my black thumb.

From childhood memories of just throwing seeds in the dirt and watching them grow like crazy, I tend to think I have a green thumb, in fact.

What really keeps me from living my best plant life is the more hassle that comes with preparing to grow something.

Just to plant one thing, you must get the right seeds, soil, pots, tools, etc. And it’s no wonder that DIY planting kits are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide an easier way to get started.

Peptanical Built on this concept, it’s packaged in a cute way: like popsicles.

Plant the seeds of business

Founded by a trio of siblings, Benny, Karen, and Justin Goh, Poptanical sells five types of seed pops, which is what it actually calls the product concept.

Seed Pops are made by pouring seeds, algae, and clay into a circular disc or ball shape, which is then glued to the end of a wooden stick with writing on it.

To plant a seed, simply stick it into a container with some soil, remember it, and watch it germinate. At this point, the wooden stick acts as a plant marker.

Image credit: Poptanical

Through some internet sleuthing, we found posts about pops dating back to 2020, with the concept spreading across different countries like the US, Canada, and Thailand.

The Goh siblings themselves first discovered the products on Instagram, and while they don’t exactly have a green thumb, they wanted to try something different.

So, they reached out to the pop label, learned they were looking for a distributor in Malaysia, and the rest was history.

Upon trying the product out for themselves first before taking over distribution, the trio were convinced after realizing how easy the seed made for the process.

They have shared that they are currently the sole distributor of Seed Pops in Malaysia, and run Poptanical as a home business on the side while continuing their day jobs in advertising and IT.

From pop to plant in a pot

Poptanical sells its seed pops as DIY Edible Growing Kits, which means that it packs everything a novice grower needs to grow seed pops.

Convenience aside, we couldn’t stress more about how cute and non-intimidating it pops.

Wrapped in colored paper like little lollipops, complete with a wooden ice cream stick, they were made to entice one to unwrap the seeds and begin their green journey.

Aside from the aesthetic aspects, seed pops are also a healthy new way to grow because of the seeds and nutrients needed. [the plant’s] The siblings noted that the rapid growth is mixed into the pop music itself.

The five types of seeds that Boptanical sells are basil, kale, broccoli, watercress, and spinach.

Image credit: Poptanical

The DIY Edible Growing Kits are priced between RM38 (for one set of pop seeds) up to RM82 (three sets of pop seeds) depending on the packages you choose, which is on the slightly higher priced end when you plant shop, especially for these varieties.

However, every Poptanical kit comes complete with seed pops, biodegradable pots, packets of premium soil, and mini gardening tools.

This eliminates the hassle of shopping for other gadgets on your own, overthinking your purchases, and procrastinating about anything ever growing ever so continually growing. From experience, this vicious cycle goes on and on.

Of course, one can always buy a fully grown herb plant, but where is the satisfaction and pleasure in that?

Heart of the Black Thumb holders onto a fresh sheet of paper

These edible planting kits are designed for anyone beginning to grow, from kids to working adults.

Kids will have fun while educating them about a greener lifestyle and of course the responsibility of caring for a living thing.

Adults appreciate being able to harvest their own greens for consumption, while paying minimal attention to the plants.

Image credit: Poptanical

According to the brothers and sisters, caring for your pops is as easy as watering it in the morning every 1-2 days before leaving for work.

But even with the cute packaging and online presence, Penny, Karen, and Justin said the biggest challenge, for now, will be convincing potential clients with “black thumbs” to try planting seeds for their pops.

Image credit: Poptanical

To address this, the siblings said, “We share stories about how we started Poptanical with no gardening background and how our plants thrived despite our busy schedules.”

“Maybe with everything so fast paced these days that many have forgotten to have a work-life balance, we also hope we can help them keep their lives interesting and more meaningful with something new.”

Dig their roots into your local DIY edible garden scene

“It’s been fun so far!” the founders said when asked about their fledgling entrepreneurial journey. “Certainly, in the future, we’d like to focus just on Poptanical.”

They are now working on research and development of different types of vegetation in hopes of expanding their product offering.

“In the long term, we want to open a store where we can hold workshops and other fun events for our customers, and where they can also harvest fresh produce.”

Another Malaysian business we wrote about selling DIY plant growing kits is Eats shoots and rootsand their sets go for RM29 each.

From what we know, Eats, Shoots & Roots usually have events on the ground such as workshops, which helps in the aspect of outreach and education.

When someone kills too many plants, or hasn’t seen a plant grow through their own efforts, it certainly takes a good deal of show-and-tell to convince them to buy another.

Thus, following in the footsteps of Shoots & Roots in the physical workshops at Eats could be the next step for Poptanicals expansion, once the founders can give the business more of their time.

Poptanical’s DIY Edible Growing Kits are available at select stores in the Klang Valley area, or purchased online from their website.

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