Globus Medical partners with the UK's NHS to supply surgical robotic navigation technology to hospitals

Globus Medical partners with the UK’s NHS to supply surgical robotic navigation technology to hospitals

First robot-assisted spine surgeries performed at two NHS Trust hospitals with Globus Medical’s ExcelsiusGPS®

AUDUBON, Pa. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The NHS and Globus Medical have partnered to provide the latest robotic navigation technology for spine surgery to NHS hospitals across the UK. This partnership will allow the Hospitals NHS Trust to seamlessly implement ExcelsiusGPS® robot-assisted spine system in operating rooms, providing patients and surgeons with leading technology.

The Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was the first to buy ExcelsiusGPS® in April 2022, and the first to conduct clinical cases.

Soon after, Walton Center NHS Foundation Trust Liverpool teamed up with NHS Procurement to allow all NHS hospitals to have access to the technology. The Walton Center has purchased its own ExcelsiusGPS® Ordered in early October and issues started right away.

Colin Nady, Orthopedic Surgeon at Oxford University Hospitals, commented: “We are exceptionally proud to have acquired this new technology, which will improve the quality of spine surgery performed at the Trust.”

Chief Executive Officer Jan Ross at Liverpool Walton said: “This exciting new innovation will change the face of spine surgery here at The Walton Center and beyond. Our surgeons have already successfully operated on patients using the ExcelsiusGPS system® Automated Navigation System and plan to apply the benefits of this new technology to many procedures. The team have worked incredibly hard to get this project down the line, and are pioneering how we can modernize spine operations for the NHS moving forward. This system will mean more efficient service to our patients.”

ExcelsiusGPS®, the world’s first revolutionary robotic navigation platform, designed to improve safety, accuracy and efficiency in the operating room. By adopting Globus Medical’s pioneering technology, Oxford University Hospitals and Walton Center in Liverpool continue to lead the way in spine surgery and enhance patient care.

Guy Martin, Head of Imaging, Navigation and Robotics at Globus Medical, commented that the partnership “is a significant milestone for both Globus Medical and the NHS to fundamentally change the future of spine surgery in the UK.”

About ExcelsiusGPS®
ExcelsiusGPS® Provides enhanced visualization of the patient’s anatomy in spine and craniofacial applications, throughout the procedure to help optimize patient treatment. The system is designed to streamline surgical workflows and reduce radiation exposure for surgeons and staff. This revolutionary robotic navigation platform is the world’s first technology to combine a rigid robotic arm and full mobility capabilities in a single adaptable platform for precise path alignment in spine surgery. ExcelsiusGPS® Globus Medical’s advanced technology solution designed to enhance safety and improve efficiency for patients, staff and surgeons in the operating room.

About Globus Medical, Inc.
Globes Medicalis a leading musculoskeletal solutions company headquartered in Audubon, Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 2003 by a team of experienced professionals with a shared vision of creating products that enable surgeons to enhance healing in patients with musculoskeletal disorders. Additional information can be found at

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