Goodwill shares DIY ideas for creepy decorations without letting your wallet haunt

Goodwill shares DIY ideas for creepy decorations without letting your wallet haunt

The skeletons, monsters, vampires, and zombies roaming the city this month are scary enough, but not nearly as scary as you might get to get ready for Halloween.

According to a news release from Goodwill, a recent survey found that 70% of consumers also reported that persistent concerns about inflation and the economy will limit how much they can spend. Nearly two-thirds of these respondents said that due to rising costs due to inflation, they are more likely to make DIY Halloween costumes than to buy clothes from a store.

This is where Goodwill and other thrift stores can help provide some simple and easy ways to decorate and decorate your home without putting your bank account 6 feet away.

“Thrift stores have always been a go-to resource for Halloween shoppers who want to make their own costumes and decorations,” said Jaymie Eichorn, chief marketing officer of Goodwill Industries in Northwest North Carolina. “And this year, we expect this trend to grow as more and more families try to save money while continuing to create a fun and memorable experience.

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Costumes are usually the most expensive for families who celebrate Halloween. On average, families spend $39 per person on costumes and costume-making materials. This goes much further when you shop at a thrift store. Even better, a DIY costume is original and unique to you.”

Sarah Pattner, director of communications for Goodwill Industries in Northwest North Carolina, shared some thoughts at Goodwill on Northcross Lane earlier this month about how people can give their homes and fashions a spooky look while not haunting their wallets with ghost dollars spent.

She said that a little paint and some creativity can go a long way. For example, she would take any number of decorative shapes that might seem cute at first, but after adding silver and black paint, as well as red to accentuate the eyes and other features, you can suddenly make the little minions roll their eyes at us humans.

“It doesn’t take much to make it look intimidating,” Buttner said.

The same can be done on other materials and fabrics, such as a doll or stuffed animal. They may still be cuddly, but they will look more like a vampire or a zombie after applying touches of red and brown paint.

“I felt a little bit like Bob Ross, but with a splash of blood here and there,” Buttner said.

The only limitations in most cases are how creative and how much time one wants to put into the scary thoughts, but the results will be unique.

It wouldn’t look like what other people are doing,” Buttner said.

In the case of costumes, she said, it’s easy to find the right dress or suit to add a little embellishment to make it some of the Halloween standards or jump on the pop culture trend.

Last year many stores sold out of sportswear as people jumped on the popularity of the Netflix series “Squid Game”. After sewing just a few numbers, frugal shoppers had one of the most fashionable outfits of last fall.

“There always seems to be something coming up at the last minute that is really hot, but it remains to be seen what this year will be,” Buttner said.

Buttner said that while it doesn’t cost much in typical thrift stores for some of these items, Goodwill’s outlet in Conover sells some of these items in bulk.

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