Growth Opportunities in Automated Gripper, Autonomous Mobile Robotics, and 3D Printing: Featuring 4D Printing, Sensors & Wireless Networking, Multi-Material Joining & More -

Growth Opportunities in Automated Gripper, Autonomous Mobile Robotics, and 3D Printing: Featuring 4D Printing, Sensors & Wireless Networking, Multi-Material Joining & More –

Dublin – ()–The “Growth Opportunities in Automated Grippers, Autonomous Mobile Robotics, and 3D Printing” The report has been added to Show.

The February 2022 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Opportunity Engine covers innovations related to automatic grippers, autonomous mobile robots, and 3D printing. Some of the innovations identified include autonomous mobile robots for logistics, robotic solutions for construction, robotic grippers suitable for delicate object handling, high-throughput 3D printing, and companion robots for healthcare.

TOE Advanced Manufacturing covers global innovations and developments related to manufacturing and industrial automation on a monthly basis. Innovations focus on improving product traceability, energy efficiency and reducing environmental impacts, integrating product design and manufacturing aspects to reduce time to market. Research focus areas include rapid prototyping (additive manufacturing), lightweight (multi-material bonding, plastic and metal fabrication, carbon fiber-based composite manufacturing), intelligent robotics (agile robots, consumer robots, swarm robots, robotics), and monitoring and control (control Wireless Networking and Human Machine Interface) and Simulation and Modeling (Design and Simulation Software).

The Advanced Manufacturing and Automation (AMA) group covers technologies that enable clean, flexible, flexible manufacturing and industrial automation. Technologies such as three-dimensional (3D) and four-dimensional (4D) printing, sensors and wireless networks, information and communications technology, multi-material interconnection, composite fabrication, digital fabrication, micro and nanofabrication, lasers, advanced software, and printing technologies are covered as part of this the group. The technologies covered here impact a wide range of industries, such as the impact semiconductor industry, automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and electronics.

Main topics covered:

Innovations in advanced manufacturing

  • Robotic solution for the construction industry

  • Nextera solutions are faster and more efficient than traditional solutions

  • Nextera Robotics – Investor Dashboard

  • Autonomous mobile robots for logistics with variable payloads

  • Botsync Pte – Value Proposition

  • Botsync Pte – Investor Dashboard

  • New robot-assisted learning systems for applications in healthcare and education

  • Movia Robotics – Value Proposition

  • Movia Robotics – Investor Dashboard

  • New automatic clutch for delicate handling

  • Value proposition from North Carolina State University

  • Vacuum clutch with fail-safe technology

  • Display the value on the A/S robot.

  • On Robot A/S – Investor Dashboard

  • Autonomous case-handling robots to automate logistics warehouses

  • The value proposition of Hay robots

  • Hai Robotics – Investor Dashboard

  • High yield 3D printing solutions

  • Display carbon value

  • Carbon – Investor Dashboard

  • Additive manufacturing based on hybrid photosynthesis technology

  • The Value Proposition of Axtra3D Inc.

  • Axtra3D – Investor Control Panel

  • Highly efficient automated guided vehicles

  • Proxaut provides large scale warehouse automation solutions

  • Proxaut – Investor Control Panel

  • Manufacture of high-precision micro-additives

  • Incremental microfabrication enables manufacturers to produce highly accurate components

  • Bmf – Investor Dashboard

  • Advanced material handling robot

  • Milvus autonomous mobile robots have high efficiency and performance capabilities

  • Milvus – Investor Dashboard

  • Health care robots

  • Mabo – Sick Smart Robot

  • Cataleya Health – Investor Dashboard

  • main contacts

mentioned companies

  • Extra3D Corporation

  • pmph

  • Putsink Pte

  • carbon

  • Cataleya Health

  • Hi robotics

  • Milvos

  • Movie Robotics

  • Nextera bots

  • On Android A/S.

  • Proxot

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