Growth Opportunities in Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, and 3D Printing: Featuring Copperstone Technologies, Dusty Robotics, Microport, and More -

Growth Opportunities in Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, and 3D Printing: Featuring Copperstone Technologies, Dusty Robotics, Microport, and More –

Dublin – ()–The Growth opportunities in robotics, additive manufacturing and 3D printing The report has been added to Show.

July 2022 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Opportunity Engine covers innovation profiles related to autonomous robotics, surgical robots, self-healing robotic skin, electronic robotic fish, nanobots, 3D printers/additive manufacturing,

TOE Advanced Manufacturing covers global innovations and developments related to manufacturing and industrial automation on a monthly basis. Innovations focus on improving product traceability, energy efficiency and reducing environmental impacts, integrating product design and manufacturing aspects to reduce time to market. Research focus areas include rapid prototyping (additive manufacturing), lightweight (multi-material bonding, plastic and metal fabrication, carbon fiber-based composite manufacturing), intelligent robotics (agile robots, consumer robots, swarm robots, cobots), monitoring and control (control Wireless Networking, Human-Machine Interface), Simulation and Modeling (Design and Simulation Software).

The Advanced Manufacturing and Automation (AMA) group covers technologies that enable clean, lean, and flexible manufacturing and industrial automation. Technologies such as three-dimensional (3D) and four-dimensional (4D) printing, sensors and wireless networks, information and communications technology, multi-material interconnection, composite fabrication, digital fabrication, micro and nanofabrication, lasers, advanced software, and printing technologies are covered as part of this the group. The technologies covered here impact a wide range of industries, such as the impact semiconductor industry, automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and electronics.

Main topics covered:

1. Innovations in advanced manufacturing

  • An automated mobile robot (AMR) that monitors retail shelves for inventory management

  • Value Proposition – Zippedi

  • Zippedi – Investor Dashboard

  • Amr who prints floor plans for the construction industry

  • Value Proposition – Dusty Robots

  • Dusty Robots – Investor Dashboard

  • Scara robots for selective compliance assembly are designed for demanding environments

  • Seiko Epson Corporation value proposition

  • Seiko Epson Corporation – Investor Dashboard

  • Commercial cleaning robot with * Slam Navigation

  • Pudu Robotics value proposition

  • Pudu Robotics – Investor Dashboard

  • Highly efficient surgical robot

  • Microport value display

  • Microport – Investor Dashboard

  • 3D printers with high configuration volume

  • Display the value of the centrality of the image

  • Optical Central – Investor Control Panel

  • Comprehensive automated system for placing blocks

  • Fastbrick Robotics value proposition

  • Fastbrick Robotics – Investor Dashboard

  • Robotic solution for the investigation of hazardous locations

  • Copperstone Technologies Value Proposition

  • Cooperstone Technologies – Investor Dashboard

  • Self-healing robot skin is developed from living tissue

  • University of Tokyo value proposition

  • Additive synthetics with unique properties

  • Tufts university value proposition

  • Robotic crab at the nanoscale for screening and monitoring applications

  • Value Proposition – Northwestern University

  • Automated robot fish to remove microplastics in the oceans

  • Value Proposition – SCU

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mentioned companies

  • Cooperstone Technologies

  • Dusty robots

  • Fastbrick robots

  • small outlet

  • photocentricity

  • Bodo robots

  • Seiko Epson Corporation

  • Zebedee

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