Hack the photos yourself every time with a fork - "This is a revelation"

Hack the photos yourself every time with a fork – “This is a revelation”

While the DIY hack uses all the usual tools to hang a picture, including a piece of string and a screw, there is a rather odd addition. The handyman also uses a fork to help ensure his picture hangs straight.

In the video, they can be seen sliding the tines of the fork over a nail that has been driven into the wall. Next, they raise the thread attached to the picture frame above the fork.

The thread slides under the thorn and over the nail. Once the image is secured in place, the operator removes the fork. So far, the viral clip has attracted 347.4 thousand views and has been shared more than 13 thousand times.

“This is a revelation,” said TikTok user Bessie Richards. Another user named Shamafi said the video was “genius”.

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However, other users were skeptical about the hack and questioned why it was necessary. One user posting under the username Formymoony said: “I saw this video on Instagram and still don’t understand why the picture isn’t attached directly to the nail/hook. Like, what’s the point?”

Claire David added: “I don’t get the point? Just hang it up. Why the fork?”

What to do and what not to do to post a photo

If a fork hack isn’t for you, there are a number of alternative tips you can use to try to hang the picture straight. Expert from ParrotPrint.com He said: “Hanging up pictures may seem like an easy task but doing it right to get the best possible results is something not many people realize.

“No matter what type of surface you’re decorating, there are ways to ensure you can hang pictures with minimal damage.”

Experts have shared the most important “do’s and don’ts” when hanging artwork on the walls.

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what he does:

1. Measure and make small marks in advance

To ensure the picture hangs correctly on the first try, measure the dimensions accurately, and make markings on the wall to ensure it is in the correct place and level.

2. Check what kind of photo caption it requires

Wire, D-rings, or hangers are examples of the types of hanging an image can have. In order to drive the correct hooks or nails into the walls, check this beforehand. It may be easier to use the command bars.

3. Don’t try to be creative

Traditionally, pictures are hung at eye level, but creating a set of prints in different frames to cover the wall can result in a creative design. Trust your instincts when it comes to designing photos.

4. Do not look at the UV-protected glass

Due to the materials some prints are made of, they can be damaged by the sun. Frame your photos and put them in glass can not only protect them from the sun’s rays, but also protect them from other potential forms of damage.


1. Don’t assume a single screw or command bar will be enough

Some pictures can be quite heavy, so check the weight requirements on the command bars before committing to hanging something, in case it falls.

2. Don’t buy prints without considering the room’s color scheme

Considering the color scheme and design of the room in which the picture or print will be placed is essential to achieving the best interior design. Matching colors and tones is an important thing to do.

3. Do not hang pictures in direct sunlight or near heat sources

Direct sunlight or heat may damage the print and color masking.

4. Don’t post pictures alone

Having a helping hand is helpful to ensure that the photos are hanging and straight. If you’re hanging a larger print, it’s also a good idea to have someone on hand to help reduce the risk of infection.

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