Halloween decor 2022: 7 easy DIY ideas (Image via Sportskeeda)

Halloween Decoration 2022: 7 Easy DIY Ideas

Halloween 2022, which falls on October 31, is one of the best holidays to dress up and eat candy. However, it is also a special evening for creativity in home decor. Decorating the exterior and interior of your home for Halloween can go beyond attaching fake spider webs, hanging orange lights, and carving pumpkins.

Holiday decorations can be frightening or downright haunted, and they can be paired with materials and supplies that you can easily find around the house. DIY Halloween home decor takes on classic elements like bats, sweet corn, and more that can be reinvented with some spooky twists.

Creative ideas will ensure that every corner of your home looks unique and festive for the occasion. If one is short on time, these crafts can be assembled at the last minute and help you save a lot of money by making them yourself. On that note, Sportskeeda mentioned seven easy DIY Halloween home decor ideas for those who are either too busy or lazy to buy decorations right now.

From origami bats to little clay ghosts: 7 easy DIY home decorating ideas for Halloween 2022

1) A black cat made of pumpkins to create a scary atmosphere

For this decor, one needs to buy different sizes of pumpkins, one small and one big. Then you need to paint these pumpkins with black acrylic paint. Once it’s completely covered in black, you can set it aside to dry. After it dries, you need to use hot glue to stick the small pumpkins in the middle of the top of the large pumpkins.

It is advisable to pull the stem from the top before gluing them together. While the paint dries, you can make cat ears out of black paper or felt paper. Finally, you can add a tail from a black sheet of felt. In addition, one can take any old cloth cut from a long piece to make a scarf for a cat, and hide the shape of the section to which the gourd is joined.

2) Origami bats that can be placed above walls

To make an origami paddle, one needs to take square origami papers, which can be 20 x 20 cm or 8 x 8 inches. After taking the paper one needs to fold it into four parts and then make two smaller sections on both sides. Next, you need to make two more folds in a triangle, connecting opposite ends. Folding the paper into divided parts, you will get the shape of a boat.

Then take the triangle above, you need to form it in the form of the wings of an airplane. After that, the upper part of the triangle can be folded, leaving two small appendages in the form of an ear on top. The rest of the silhouette can be transformed into bat wings. The design will cost you less than $1 per racket, and by making a set of them, you can tape them to walls with double-sided tape and make them a racket wall. Or you can hang it from the ceiling.

3) Make Halloween candy baskets

This decor idea is simple and cute. All you need is black and orange paper sheets. After you cut four pieces of orange paper into the edges of the goth fence in equal shapes, you will need to glue them all together. Next, you need to make a round black base that can be made of paper or cardboard.

After doing this, you need to add your choice of decor on top of the basket, which can include bat-shaped cutouts, spider-shaped cutouts, farm fence, etc., out of black paper. You can also add an orange knob on top with the help of a rectangular sheet of paper attached with glue.

After making a set of these baskets, you can give candy to trick-or-treaters in it.

4) scary plants for the evening

To make a scary plant, you need an orange plastic bucket on which you need to draw a jack-o-lantern with a black marker. At the bottom, you can make small holes to provide drainage and keep the plant inside. The decor is perfect for outside, and it will cost you less than ordinary Halloween planters.

In addition to the Halloween planter, more outdoor decor ideas are provided in the video above.

5) Transform a jar into a witch doll

A cute witch from a jar may seem like a big makeover, but it’s easy to do. All you need is a canning jar, black tissue, white twill, a little orange thread, hot glue, and a small broom (optional). You should start by covering the jar with black cloth all over. Next, you need to cut a small ring equal to the radius of the jar and cover it with black. Add a black felt fabric cone on the jar lid. Put it all together to create a distinctive charming look.

Next, take a small white piece of cloth and fold it into a ball, adding orange threads on top of it to make it look like hair. Put everything together, and tape it to the front of the jar. Finally, add an orange ribbon on top of the cap and two small black ribbons above the doll’s hair. You can also draw eyes and mouth over the doll with a black marker. Adding a broom under the doll is optional, but it will add an extra touch to the creation.

Place a batch of these on the side table and fill them with your favorite treats for a cozy Halloween night.

6) Budget spider webs from black plastic bags

If you make it to the Dollar Store or Walmart, you’ll find a collection of spider webs built from rope and twine. However, this is a very easy way to make black plastic bags. All you have to do is fold the bag into a triangle and cut off the top handles.

Then fold the triangle three more times to create a smaller ornament and give it alternate pieces to make it into a spider web. You can look at the video above for more clarity.

7) Little mud ghosts are spreading all over the house

To make clay ghosts, one needs air-dry clay to be thrown into a random shape using a rolling mill and then add clay on top of a small Styrofoam ball. Make small folds and shape the ghost with a pencil or with your hands. You can add eyes by drilling two small holes in the clay.

Leave the clay to dry overnight and in the morning remove the Styrofoam balls and paint the clay white. Place them on top of mini LED lights to create a spooky and cute look on Halloween night.

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