Manny Hartmann is a first-class bowling virtuoso, and for 13 seasons he was one of the top 5 bowlers in St. George's.

Hartmann throws an impressive run down the St. George’s bowling alleys

Manny Hartmann is named top 5 St George’s bowler during his incredible bowling career competing in two or three leagues a week from the 2002-03 season until the end of the 2015-16 campaign.

And during those years, he was a juggernaut and recorded an astonishing list of exceptional accomplishments.

A deep dive into his accomplishments in that time frame shows seven 800-series hits, including 800 (289, 276, 235) on the biggest stage for a player at The Beehive State, the Utah state bowling championship. 845 (300, 299, 246), and he also played in nine 300 games, six 299s and four 290s.

In addition, he is also the first St. George’s bowler to reach 230 in league matches, which he did in the 2003-04 season at an average of 231.58 compiled in 83 matches. Only three other towering figures in domestic bowling, Blaine Hartley (235), Lou Agios (230) and Robert Kerr (230) have finished the season at 230 or higher in at least 60 overs.

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