Herculiner®, a JB Weld® Company, announces the launch of two new DIY Liner products

Herculiner®, a JB Weld® Company, announces the launch of two new DIY Liner products

The Herculiner Professional Grade and Herculiner Bed Liner Restore range offer best-in-class durability and reliability

Marietta, J.A.;And the October 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Today, Herculiner, the company of JB Weld, announced the launch of the Herculiner Professional Grade Kit, a new two-part technology truck bed liner kit designed to outperform both manufactured and hand-crafted truck bed liners, and Herculiner Bed Liner Restore, an innovative restoration and cosmetic detailing solution that brings original color and luster to any type of truck bed linen with year-long results. With the addition of these two innovative new products to the original brand of ‘do-it-yourself’ truck bed linen, Herculiner continues to offer the best in its durability and reliability to truck owners and others.

“For many years, DIYers have trusted Herculiner as a leading manufacturer of foldable bed covers to protect truck beds and other tough surfaces,” he said. Chip Hanson, Chairman and CEO of JB Weld. “By harnessing the power of Herculiner and JB Weld technology, we’re taking ‘durable’ and ‘reliable’ to the next level with innovative DIY offerings that make it easy to install and get back on the road quickly.”

The Herculiner Professional Grade Kit uses a unique two-part technology to provide strong, durable protection that won’t chip, peel or crack and is resistant to scratches, rust, chemicals, weather and fading. The Professional Grade Kit also includes a spray gun for quick and smooth application in one coat; The fully proprietary coating cures in 24-48 hours, and provides protection for up to eight feet in just one coat—meaning no waiting to apply a second coat and a faster return to use.

With strong adhesion that can stick to almost any surface, including metal, wood, concrete, aluminium, asphalt, rubber, fiberglass and most plastics, such as PVC, the professional grade range can be used for more surfaces than just a truck bed. It can also be used as a protective coating or undercoat for everything from jeeps and open vehicles to boats, steps, driveways and decks, as well as other truck surfaces, such as fenders, fenders, panels, wheel wells and undercarriage.

Herculiner Bed Liner Restore is specially formulated to restore the color and luster of truck bed linens, including drop-down, as well as factory paint and DIY paint. It can even be used to rejuvenate and trim shocks to bring out the best in the truck. With this cosmetic detail solution, truck owners can continue to get the most out of their old liners with year-long protection.

The Herculiner Professional Grade Kit and Herculiner Bed Liner Restore will be available for purchase from Amazon starting at January 2023 And at the beginning of AutoZone stores February 2023. To learn more about the DIY range of foldable bed sheets and other products from Herculiner, a JB Weld company, visit the link over here.


Herculiner offers a range of innovative best-in-class coatings for DIYers who demand reliability and durability for their heavy-duty work surfaces. Herculiner products are sold at more than 20,000 retail locations globally, including auto and appliance and home centers, as well as online retailers.

Herculiner’s innovative range of products is highlighted by: the original range of removable bed linen, trusted for years as the standard for dependable bed liner protection; Professional Grade II Bed Liner Collection, using a proprietary formulation that outperforms both handcraft and factory liners for ultimate durability; and Bed Liner Restore, a specially formulated spray that restores original color and shine to any truck bed liner or trim for an entire year.

Herculiner is a proud member of the JB Weld family of products. Learn more through Herculiner.com.


JB welding® It is an employee-owned company incorporated in Sulfur Springs, Texas based in Marietta, Georgia. JB Weld is America’s favorite brand of DIY epoxy and adhesives for the home, automotive, crafts, and more. Distributed throughout the United States at more than 50,000 retail locations, including ACE Hardware, Advance Auto Parts, Amazon, AutoZone, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Michaels, NAPA Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, True Value, Walmart, JB Weld also found in leading retailers across CanadaAnd the Mexico, and more than 30 other countries around the world. JB Weld’s innovative range of the most powerful products in its class help self-reliant, DIYers of all skill levels take on projects large and small, from the home to the garage. JB Weld, the strongest league in the world.

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