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HBO’s hit new show, Dragon House It chronicles the rise of House Targaryen to power 300 years before the events of Game of thrones take place. With the show soaring in popularity, its main protagonist, Rhaenyra Targaryen, is sure to be a popular Halloween costume this year. Rhaenyra was a formidable queen who ruled Westeros for several years. She was famous for her strength, beauty, and extreme loyalty to her family.

Before fashion companies start designing the cheap Rhaenyra costumes you’ll likely see on every block next year, put together your own original outfits. cosplay game of thrones That would look good, turn heads, not break the bank, and set the bar for future Halloweens. Find out now how to save up to 33% on Amazon.

An outfit worthy of the Iron Throne

1. Long white wig

Long Whitwig
Beauty Map 28″ Long Curly Hair Ends Costume Cosplay Wig
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Starting at the top, the long, light blonde hair is the cornerstone of the Targaryen family line and an important part of any Princess Rhaenyra outfit. this is long white wig From MapofBeauty carries all the elegance of Rhaenyra’s hair with light curls that can be straightened with ease. The adjustable wig cap lets you resize it to suit your head, so you don’t have to worry about your hair falling out in the middle of a fight.

used This is a wig for a costume which is a wonderful thing,” common one Amazon shopper. “Lots of wigs for the money…The wig is really good quality, not much hair fell out at all and I’ll be able to use the wig over and over again which is great. Overall, I would recommend buying again.”

2. Teardrop Zirconia Necklace

Women’s white gold-plated necklace inlaid with zircon stone
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Being a royal family, the Targaryen family is often pictured wearing beautiful pieces of jewelry from necklaces to rings. While the actual Princess Rhinera necklace designs from the show are not currently available for sale, this Beautiful gold plated necklace It looks very close and definitely bears a similar look. It features a beautiful, translucent sapphire stone surrounded by gold-tone copper that would stand out on the neck of anyone in Westeros or on Earth.

For an added benefit, this elegant necklace Also included are two matching earrings to continue Rhaenyra’s vibrant red color scheme. While you can (and should) browse your jewelry collection for any other bracelets, rings, or necklaces to add to your Rhaenyra outfit, This necklace It should be enough on its own to beautify the Rhinera estate. You can even wear it alone after Halloween is over.

3. High heel shoes

DREAM PIRS Women’s Suede Chunky Heel Side Knee Zipper Boots
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Some Halloween costumes let you cut corners in the shoe department, but not this one. When dressing as a Rhaenyra, you should feel the strength and authority of the Targaryen at every step, and the best way to do this is by snagging a solid pair of shoes. This zipper shoes Dream Pairs are comfortable to wear with a soft insole and specially angled heel.

these Knee-high boots Tall and elegant enough not to pass by like it’s just a costume come Halloween night, so you look good from all angles. Rectangular heels are thin for the figure but wide enough that you always feel stable so you can walk for hours if necessary. these stylish shoes Wearable long after Halloween, it’s up to 33% off on Amazon now.

4. Wine red lace dress

Medieval Women’s Renaissance Costume Dress
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Finally, complete Princess Rhinera’s dress with a vibrant dress. this medieval, floor length dress It features flare sleeves, faux leather, and a red and white color scheme that screams elegance. It’s not exactly the same, but the dress has the same colors and design pattern very similar to Rhaenyra’s dress since the beginning of House of the Dragon, with slight differences in execution. Anyone familiar with the show (or seen a commercial for the show) should have no problem immediately identifying your outfit just by the dress.

“I bought this for my Halloween costume and I’m so glad I made this purchase,” Share an Amazon customer. “the beautiful dress! The fabric is softer and heavier than I expected…you can adjust the chest, it has shoelace shaped threads in the front and back that will tighten and tighten the chest area and rib cage, or you can loosen it to add more room through the chest and rib cage…I 5 2 ‘The dress is on the floor.’

Do you have a royal Halloween

This Halloween, you shouldn’t have a hard time dressing up as the Queen of the Half Year House of the Dragon, although there are a few more formal costume options available. starting from long white wig and conclude longer, elegant dressfor you Princess Rainera costume It should be easy to assemble with plenty of room for creativity and fun.

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