How to create a DIY home bar for the 2022 Christmas party season

How to create a DIY home bar for the 2022 Christmas party season

Such as year endsWell, it’s party time. Plus, with dark nights and cold weather, a little fun makes the winter months more bearable. Whether you’re a year-round social butterfly or need to flick off your dancing shoes, there are plenty of social events this time of year.

Remember, December is known as party season for good reason. whether you host christmas day, Throwing a New Year’s Eve celebration or just throwing a party for it, a home bar is always a crowd-pleasing option. You can get extra points if you are fond of whipping up cocktails!

Let’s be honest with that, very few of us are lucky enough to have a bar in our house (we can dream). Fortunately, the creation of a DIY bar Easier than you think. Keep reading to discover our top tips for creating a bar at home.

Start by investing in a beverage cart

You have to start somewhere – specifically a place to store and make drinks. For smaller areas, such as a hallway, Beverage carts A great choice, both in terms of appearance and practicality. Not only does it save space, but it can also be moved away once it is used. They are the perfect choice for storing ingredients and cutlery, as well as preparing drinks.

Eve Gold & Tail Recycled Beverage Cart, web and gray

web and gray

If you’re looking for a true show stand, go for bold materials and finishes – we recommend our metallic gold or silver beverage carts. Mirrored surfaces are party-appropriate and add that extra touch of luxury that will make your martini glasses and cocktail shakers sparkle and sparkle.

If you have extra space, choose a closet

For the self-catering option (for those nights when you want to spend more time hosting and less time bartending), a well-stocked beverage cabinet is just the thing. Fill the shelves with pre-poured fizz cups and leave the doors open.

For plenty of storage, choose a wine cabinet with plenty of shelves and compartments for all your glassware, spirits, and mixers—this will also make it the perfect self-serve cocktail station. Add cups, flutes, large glasses and tumblers, plus an ice bucket and decorations. Last but not least, stock it with a variety of spirits and mixers – don’t forget the spirit meter. When cocktail hour arrives, open the cabinet and let guests help themselves.

For larger spaces, you can set up an entire dining table as a bar and use the room underneath to haul extra supplies. You can also turn your kitchen island into a trendy cocktail bar by swapping out your usual seating for luxury ones stool bar – We recommend velvet or leather with metallic accents.

Choose premium bar accessories

No bar is complete without practical accessories—at the very least, an ice bucket, bottle opener, and cocktail shaker. But, as practical as it is, it doesn’t have to look boring. Choose decorative and useful bar accessories to spice up your evening. Think: metals, semi-precious stones, exotic designs, and elegant finishes.

You can also use your accessories as a form of festive decoration. For example: Fill an extra-large ice bucket to the brim, add your favorite bottles of fizz, and place as an eye-catching centerpiece. You can also use it to chill your cocktail glasses for an extra extravagant touch.

festive cocktail set for travelers, Dunlam


It may be tempting to use disposable cups to save clean-up time, however, sleek glassware looks a lot better (we’re just being honest). Make sure your choice of glassware covers all the bases when it comes to different types of drinks. At a minimum, we recommend stocking up on any champagne coupe or flute, a good selection of wine glasses, elegant highball glasses and sturdy glasses. This should cover most types of drinks, however, if you like to go all out, martini glasses and gin glasses are always great additions.

final touches

If you want to create a bar atmosphere as well, it’s all about ambience and extra special touches to take your party to the next level. We suggest dimming the lights and creating some atmosphere with a variety of lamps. Floor lamps It fits perfectly into the cozy corners of a room and provides a relaxing glow. For the bar itself, choose small table lamps to bring out a subtle glow. Don’t forget to turn off the ceiling lights to add to the atmosphere.

It is advisable to always have linen napkins and sturdy coasters on hand – not only are they useful, they add a touch of elegance. Plus, cleaning up after the party is bad enough without spotting signs of your loved one coffee table.

For the best result, stay away from plastic and instead opt for accessories made from materials such as glass, ceramics, and metal. These may be a little more expensive than the disposable options, but they’re also reusable, long-lasting, and durable – so you’ll be using them for many years to come.

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