How to make a weed pipe: Homemade pipes

How to make a weed pipe: Homemade pipes

Many, if not most, weed lovers have been here at one time or another: You have the flower but no way to smoke it. In the golden age of weed accessories, these moments are becoming less and less between; Still, well-rounded cannabis enthusiasts should have a simple solution when they find themselves in a jam.

Not only can knowing how to make a weed poop come in handy, but these DIY projects can also be downright fun. If you want to try your hand at making a weed pipe or bong, here are some tips with ten of the most popular go-to options.

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Tips for making homemade pipes and bongs

Before you tap your inner Martha or MacGyver, remember that you’ll be using your own homemade pipe to inhale the smoke, which means you have to pay attention to the materials used.

You may want to avoid anything that could introduce chemicals or pollutants into your smoking experience. If you have to use imperfect materials, remember that these pipes and tubes are not intended to be continuous or permanent solutions. In other words, use it in moderation. Do not use plastic for bowls or other components that will be exposed to flames, as they will melt and be toxic.

For our all-natural options, including fruits and vegetables, use the freshest produce for the best possible structural integrity. Old and/or soft foods may not work the way you want them to.

10 DIY weed pipes and bongs to try at home

There are many tube options packaged in Jerry’s or Pong’s, from Tic-Tac boxes to Pringle boxes and even McDonald’s meals. We’ve rounded up ten of the most easy-to-build options that make materials and implementation as simple as possible. And read some other interesting ways to smoke flowers with household items.

Apple Pong

There are few DIY pipes as classic as the apple pong – sometimes called the apple pong. Natural and inexpensive, apple poop is a great DIY option because there’s a good chance you have apples lying around.

  1. Remove the stem of the apple and poke some holes in the top of the apple
  2. Punch a hole right in the side so you have one hole for the mouthpiece and one hole for the carb
  3. Check the airflow, adjust as needed, fill the bowl and you’re ready to smoke

Find full instructions here.

Watermelon pong

Watermelon pong is a fun and delicious take on apple pipe. It’s more complex and requires a carrot in addition to the watermelon, but the extra effort is rewarded with a smooth, frankly smoky experience.

  1. Make three holes in the watermelon: one for the mouthpiece, one for inserting the bowl made of carrots, and one for the carbs.
  2. Dig a bowl in the top of the carrot and then use a drill or long-necked screwdriver to make a tunnel from top to bottom of the carrot for airflow

advice: Keep some mashed watermelon in the body to act as a water bong.

Find full instructions here.

Pumpkin Pong

If watermelon pong is the summer fix for consumers in a pinch, we can turn to our friends in the squash family for a fall fix. A pumpkin pong is quite similar in construction to a watermelon pong but requires a little more work when removing the seeds.

It’s easiest to use stems and glass bowls, but if you don’t have them handy, you can use two carrots in their place, bong a la watermelon. You can also carve a bowl in the pumpkin itself, but this requires a little more ingenuity.

Find full instructions here.

banana tubes

This tube is banana and very easy to make. Keep in mind that green bananas will provide the most stability.

  1. Cut off the bottom of the banana 1.5 – 2 inches to make a bowl
  2. Snip off the tip of the black flower and empty the pot completely
  3. Using a chopstick or straw, insert your tool into the center pulp of the banana, starting where you cut the bottom and stopping around the center mark to create a hollow chamber
  4. Cut into a banana peel to create a connection directly above where the room ends. Slowly increase the size of this hole in the skin to fit your vessel; It should be comfortable

Find full instructions here.

pen tube

This option is quick and easy to assemble but hinges on being there The The right kind from the pen. The pen tube needs a detachable metal screw pen, which acts as a container.

  1. Remove the top and bottom of the pen and empty the pen from the ink chamber, leaving a hollow plastic tube
  2. Insert the metal tip back into the upside down top of the pen and fill it with the flower, leaving you with one batter ready to go.

Find full instructions here.

soda can

Soda cans are another classic DIY option thanks to the ubiquitousness of the soda can and the ease with which it is built.

  1. Remove the tab from the clean can and use your thumb to poke a bowl into the center of the can
  2. Use a pin to poke holes in the bottom of the bowl
  3. Poke a hole in the carb in the side and you’re done

Be aware that many cans have chemical coatings on the inside or graphics printed on the outside that can be toxic when burned and inhaled, making this a good single-use-only option when truly in jam.

Find full instructions here.

Gravity Pong

Gravity Pong
Photo by: Gina Coleman / Weed Maps

Gravity pong, also known as Grav, GB, or geeb, is a DIY pong made from water bottles. Gravity bong can be made in two different ways, notably bucket bong and waterfall bong, but both rely on the force of gravity and water to create suction and draw smoke into the bong chamber. If you haven’t tried geeb before, it could be a fun and new way to smoke.

For a bucket pail you will need – at a minimum – a plastic water bottle, a jug (or a larger container for water), sharp scissors, and/or a drill and a chip.

A waterfall bong requires less than that: a water bottle, sharp scissors, a pin, and foil.

Find full instructions here.

Bong water bottle

If you’re looking to make a smokin’ device out of a water bottle but want a more classic pong-style experience, a water bottle is your best bet. You’ll need a water bottle, sharp scissors (or a box cutter), and either a suitable lower stem or a makeshift lower stem — think a fat marker or highlighter — as well as a pin and some foil for the bowl.

Again, frequent smoking from a plastic bottle isn’t ideal from a testing or health perspective, so ditch that water bottle when you’re done and head to Your local dispensary To get some suitable tools.

Find full instructions here.

Steamer tube

When associating weed smoking with a toilet paper roll, Many will think of sploof: A toilet paper roll filter has been used for decades to muffle the smell of cannabis smoke. But leave it to creative cannabis smokers to find a way to smoke from a toilet paper roll, too.

Enter the steaming toilet paper roll roll: an incredibly simple solution that requires nothing more than a roll, a sharp tool, and foil.

Not to be confused with counterparts of glass tubesSteam toilet paper rolls are simply made by forming a bowl out of tinfoil, punching a hole near the bottom of the roll, then securing the bowl in the hole and filling it with weeds. When you’re ready to light it, cover the bottom opening of the roll with your hand while covering the top with your mouth.

Find full instructions here.

tube ice

You can, in fact, smoke weed using nothing more than a frozen block of ice. The only downside to this tube is finding the right mold and the time it takes to freeze the water. But, if you’re creative and patient, you might be rewarded with some really cold snaps. Alternatively, you can buy Pre-made templates For this very purpose.

  1. Fill a rectangular or cylindrical object with water and freeze it
  2. Cut out a bowl at one end and an air chamber that runs the length of the body and stops just below the bowl
  3. Fill the pot and light it up to enjoy some smooth, cool tugging

Other ways to smoke weed with household items

Apart from these 10 classic DIY tubes, people have also reported designing a tube using Starburst candies, bamboo pieces, and even Lego.

You can also use a file A rose petal or other ingestible plant leaf to roll up a temporary joint Just make sure the plant is safe to consume.


Putting it between cannabis and the hard place, cannabis enthusiasts have come up with some very creative ways to make DIY pipes and bongs. Next time you find yourself without the means to smoke, consider one of these weed lover-approved methods, keeping in mind the materials used and how those substances can affect your smoke and your lungs.

These DIY tubes are not meant for long-term use or regular consumption, but they can be a fun way to mix things up for your next session. Be safe and have fun.

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