Ice cream cone, trash can, cupcake

Ice cream cone, trash can, cupcake

  • My husband and I involve our young children in planning for Halloween.
  • Last year an older than me chose to be “a sand dune with seagulls on my head” and his sisters were buckets.
  • We had so much fun making homemade costumes, this is now a tradition.

When my 4 year old son asked to be a The sand dunes of Halloween last yearI consulted one of my favorite parenting groups on Facebook to see if anyone had ideas for pulling it off. Most of the comments asked me to ask him again in a couple of days because toddlers change their minds all the time, especially when it comes to clothes. I asked him again, and he was determined to be a pile of sand. This time, he added, “With a seagull on my head.”

The outfit was a successWhether online or in person while serving or scamming us on the street. My 2-year-old twin daughters dressed up as sand buckets to go along with the dunes, and my husband and I had towels.

We had so much fun this year asking early on what our kids wanted, knowing that they’d all come up with weird ideas for toddlers. They did not disappoint.

This year my son will be a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, one of the twins will be a cupcake with sprinkles, and the other will be a trash can full of cones and cupcake wrappers. To tie the family costume my husband and I will be scoops of ice cream.

Since last year’s outfits were easy to make and a hit, we reached out to her again Nguyen LuAnd the Primary free uniform concierge, for help. She created sketches of our costumes and suggested household items that we could reuse for each costume.

We asked a professional fashion designer to help us

Le’s drawings are equal parts cute and easy to follow. Since I’m not the most literal person and have been known to burn my fingers with glue guns before, my husband took over the actual costume industry.

DIY Ice Cream Costume

Courtesy of Nguyen Le

Lou previously told Insider that she recommends parents keep it simple and use the items they have instead of buying store-made costumes that Halloween will overtake.

For the ice cream cone we used a laundry basket that we sprayed painted beige so it looked more like a cone, and cut a hole in the bottom so my son’s legs could go through. Then we used a green pajama bottom to create an ice cream swirl effect, and used safety pins to attach it to a green T-shirt.

Pretty koons baby trying his outfit

Courtesy of Kons Pretty

The trash was fairly simple. We used a plastic trash can, cut a hole in the bottom of the feet, and my husband hung a T-shirt over the top hole so we could get our daughter to “wear” the costume instead of carrying it or using straps. Last year we used belts with sand buckets and that was a failure. In the second house, my kids were getting dressed.

For the cupcake we used a plastic container that we would lie around in and never used because it was an awkward size, cut the bottom off so the other twin could walk easily. Then we used cardboard for the plastic lining to make the cupcake wrapper. For the actual cupcake, we used pink felt to create a shape similar to an ice cream cone, then glued tons of pompoms for sprinkling.

My kids are excited about their Halloween costume show

While the prospect of dessert at the end of the day might excite any child, I am especially excited about their fashion show, which brings me so much joy. They told everyone they met in the days leading up to Halloween about their costumes.

I also like to think that this is a lesson for them to think more. They wanted these original costumes, and we helped make them happen. Whether it’s using a hot gun or talking them through the steps, we’re here to make their dreams come true.

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