I'm a real estate expert - these cheap and easy DIY moves will add £7,000 to your home value with basically no effort

I’m a real estate expert – these cheap and easy DIY moves will add £7,000 to your home value with basically no effort

Property prices fall, with the average seller seeing the value of their home drop by £4,159.

And with interest rates at their highest levels in nearly 50 years, the market doesn’t seem ready to stabilize anytime soon.


Property expert Jonathan Rowland reveals home hacks that together will increase the value of your home by around £7,000Credit: Shutterstock

But hope is still lost.

property expert Jonathan Rowlandfrom the National Association of Property Buyers, tells Kirsten Jones these home hacks – all of which you can do yourself for under £15 – that together will enhance your the value who your a house About £7,000.

Upgrade your sockets

Replacing your old sockets with USB ports will make the A more modern homeTidy up the surface area and keep away excess cables.

“USB sockets are very attractive, especially if they are in the kitchen or next to the beds where people generally charge their technology,” says Jonathan.

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“Plus, it looks a lot nicer than a big, plump, three-pin plug.”

DIY cost: About £10 each
Value Added: £500

Light up your room

In addition to moving heavy furniture away from windows and hanging mirrors in dark rooms, LED lights will brighten your space and make it more inviting, and often more energetic. effectivevery.

“People are very worried Electricity costs,” Jonathan says.

“Installing LED lights could land you a B Energy Performance (EPC) rating which is very attractive to potential buyers, especially in the current climate.”

DIY cost: From £5
Value Added: £1000

Filling wall cracks

Even the smallest cracks and crevices can make your home look tired and dingy.

Arm yourself with a tube of filler to cover blemishes and wipe on a quick coat of paint for the finish.

“If potential buyers see cracks, they may assume there is a structural problem or be envious of the idea of ​​spending money on décor,” Jonathan explains.

“If you’re concerned that it’s more than just shrinkage cracks, get them checked first.”

DIY cost: £5
Value Added: 2000 pounds sterling

Do your way

The first thing buyers see is your driveway (if you have one), so make sure it’s clear of weeds.

Rent a jet washer and remove dirt.

The first thing buyers see is your driveway, so rent a jet washer to make sure it's weed-free


The first thing buyers see is your driveway, so rent a jet washer to make sure it’s weed-freeCredit: Getty

“First impressions matter, and if there are oil spills, weeds, and scrapes ahead, it could be enough to make people walk away without even looking inside your house,” warns Jonathan.

DIY cost: £5 per day to hire a jet washer
Value Added: £500

Kitchen tile paint

Tile peelings on the walls can cost more than £500.

Instead, pop into your local hardware store for a pot of tile paint.

Use a roller to apply three or four coats, making sure to sand between each coat to ensure that any dust or hair is removed.

“This is a great idea if the tiles are in really bad shape,” says Jonathan. “The improvement is really surprising. But make sure you do it well or else they will just see it as a cover.”

DIY cost: £15
Value Added: £500

Replace your handles

Whether it’s wardrobes, drawers, or cupboard doors, investing a few pounds in a few new knobs can transform furnishings from drab to designer-looking in seconds.

“Tired kitchens can look really dull but add a brass knob and transform an outdated space,” Jonathan shares.

Update your kitchen with


Update Your Kitchen By “Adding A Brass Knob To Transform An Old Space”Credit: Shutterstock

“It’s a small change but it can improve the feel of a home.”

DIY cost: From £10
Value Added: £250

Vinyl Rap Workshops

Cover paper countertops with cheap vinyl wrap. Looks like a real bargain but for a fraction of the price.

Measure carefully before you begin and be sure to avoid placing hot pans on the surface.

Jonathan says: “This is the perfect opportunity to create a blank canvass for potential buyers.

“Seeing a clean, tidy surface that can be used right away is a hassle-free positive.”

DIY cost: From £10
Value Added: £500

Cover your cupboards

It certainly isn’t worth spending £10,000 on a kitchen or even replacing cupboards.

But there are ways to update them without rejuvenating. A few rolls of self-adhesive film will decorate your doors.

There are ways to update your kitchen cabinet without a renovation


There are ways to update your kitchen cabinet without a renovationCredit: Jodi MacLachlan

“If a good cleaning doesn’t work, photographing the doors is a smart option. But again, make sure you do it well or they’ll notice,” Jonathan advises.

DIY cost: About £10 a roll
Value Added: £500

Clean the windows

Don’t forget what’s outside your home.

Dirty windows can be a real turn off. They can age the property and it seems very hard work for potential buyers.

“This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add value if you are able to do it yourself,” says Jonathan.

“Clean windows mean less hassle and other job buyers won’t have to do when they move in.”

DIY cost: From £10
Value Added: £500

Hide your boiler

Even modern boilers hurt the eye in a clean house.

Use a few strips of medium-density fiberboard to make an easy-to-access cabinet to cover the kettle.

You can also paint the outside of the canvas to match its surroundings.

Jonathan says, “Boxing your kettle, if visible, is a perfect way to distract the eye.

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“Just make sure you get a safety check to make sure it won’t cause any problems.”

DIY cost: About £15
Value Added: £500

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