I'm a Roofer - This basic £20 DIY will help cut your energy bills by up to £300

I’m a Roofer – This basic £20 DIY will help cut your energy bills by up to £300

ROOFER has revealed how this little-known DIY essential can help you cut your energy bills by up to £300.

Families are beginning to feel the cold of winter, but with that comes a meteoric rise energy costsa lot of pockets are left.


Darren McGhee is a roofing contractor with DMG Services in Scotland

For now, average Energy bills to a maximum of £2,500but that’s just charging the unit.

The amount you pay can be higher depending on usage, so it pays to keep it as low as possible.

Families try to cut back as much as possible during the colder months when Invoices It is usually higher.

Heating mode is one of the biggest drains on your energy bill.

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But Insulation is a great way to prevent heat from escaping your homeHence, it can save you some cash.

As heat builds up in your home, it has to go somewhere, so if the top of your house isn’t properly insulated, you’ll lose all that precious heat right out of the roof.

Darren McGee, who owns DMG Services, works as a roofing contractor in Scotlandsince the age of 16.

The 42-year-old, who was crowned a nail capitalist in 2019, told The Sun that many people don’t realize they can install the insulation themselves.

It is estimated that loft insulation could help you save up to £300 a year.

He said: “Insulating your loft space with insulation is the best way to prevent heat from escaping your home – and it’s also very cheap.

Anyone can do it, and you don’t need to be a merchant.

“You can buy insulation materials from all your local building dealers or retailers such as… B&Q and wicks”.

You can buy a 100mm thick roll for about £20 for about eight metres.

You’ll usually need three layers of rolls to really notice a difference.

The recommended thickness is 270mm, he says energy.

To install the insulation, Darren says, all you need is a Stanley knife to cut the material before laying it along the loft floor.

But the dealers said it’s important to remember to wear a dust mask and gloves while applying the materials.

This is to prevent the fibers from irritating your eyes or lungs.

When putting in isolation, Darren said there was only one major thing to remember.

He said, “Don’t fit the insulation too tightly over the eaves, because it still needs to go around the loft space and breathe.

At least a 150mm gap should be left for airflow Mold does not accumulate. “

Opening vents in window frames is a good way to make sure your home is ventilated without letting heat escape.

Other ways to protect your home

Close windows and doors

Your windows and doors are severe hotspots, but a simple and cheap repair can help you save money on your bills.

Buy an airtight tape to seal it and keep cold air out.

on me AmazonYou can buy 10 meters of self-adhesive sealing for just £2.85, for example.

While you’re at it, put cling film over the windows to provide an extra layer of insulation.

Use draft exceptions

state Project Exceptions at your door to save money on your bills.

It’s a good way to seal gaps where hot air can escape.

They don’t have to break the bank, and if you’re creative, they can be free.

You can use an old pair of socks and stuff them with, say, socks, to turn them into makeshift bouncers.

If you’re looking to buy one, it will set you back between £8 and £10 from retailers such as Dunelm, Wayfair and The Range.

Keyhole cover

If you don’t have a keyhole cover, you might be driving up your energy bills without even realizing it.

The keyholes may be small, but they still allow hot air to escape from your home.

Cover it to reduce your energy use. B&Q sells it for five dollars, and Amazon sells it for under £8.

Cover the floorboards

Floorboards can cost you a small fortune when it comes to your energy bills.

If you have wood floorboards and no carpeting, there are a lot of cracks that suck the hot air out of your home.

Place rugs to cover the gaps.

Good-sized rugs can be pricey, but we’ve spotted some on sale for less than tenner Dunlam.

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Plus, we round up other ways to save on your energy bills with a file Small number of modifications.

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