Indian robotics team Greenbots wins the gold medal at the World Robot Olympiad, Germany

Indian robotics team Greenbots wins the gold medal at the World Robot Olympiad, Germany

India, December 2, 2022:Three students from Mumbai, Keshav Mohta, Kritarth Modi, and Ishan Mehra (Greenbots Team), under the direction of Atul Raut and Virendrasinh Vaghela of India’s RoboFun Lab, went on to win the gold medal in the recently concluded international final of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO), 2022, in Dortmund, Germany in the Robomission Junior High category. This is the first ever gold medal for an Indian team in the 20 year history of this world robotics competition in this category.

A total of 80 champion national teams from 70 countries competed in this international final over three days. While the first day was a practice day, the second day was a single robot challenge that the students had been preparing for for the last six months. On the third day, the students were presented with a completely new challenge, which they had to solve on the spot, without any help from their teachers. The Greenbots finished third in the first day’s end challenge by scoring complete goals in just 52 seconds, behind only the Japanese team and Kazakhstan but changed the course of the game on the second day. The Greenbots scored full points for an all-new challenge in just 72 seconds, ultimately clinching first place. The Greenbots from India faced stiff competition from some of the best robotics teams from Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and Mexico, and they proved their mettle with amazing performances on both days. These teens, with their temperament, maturity, and problem-solving skills, proved their character and emerged as world champions.

RFL student Kavish carries the Indian flag in the Nations Parade at WRO 2022, Dortmund

Another team, K2A, consisting of students named Kavish Contractor, Ayan Shah and Arham Shah, who won the national championship in the Upper East Side Robotics category, also performed admirably, ranking 18th out of 72 champion teams from 72 countries in this tournament.

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Ashwin Shah, Co-Founder and CEO at RFL said, “RFL plays a pivotal role in nurturing these young minds, by providing a structured curriculum to learn robotics and ultimately preparing them for various national and international robotics competitions. All these students have been learning robotics with RFL since 5 years. The WRO gold medal in the Robomission junior High category is testament to our effective curriculum and didactic teaching methods, along with the technical expertise of the RFL coaches.This year, RFL has coached 17 teams in the national chapter of WRO India, finishing in the top three in the regional class in August in Mumbai in all categories and eventually scooping the top spots in the junior and senior class in the national class, along with a third place in the elementary class.Since its inception in 2016, the RFL has a proven track record of winning WRO in the national class and representing India internationally Archimedes’ RFL team was the first ever team in 2017 to be awarded the Lego Creativity Award by Lego Education in Costa Rica!

Team K2A standing after standing in fourth place at the end of day one at WRO International, Dortmund, Germany

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RFL has collaborated with more than 20 schools and runs its own robotics labs in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Porbandar and teaches more than 3,000 students about robotics annually. At RFL we also train students for competitions such as the FIRST Lego League, FIRST Tech Challenge and VEX Robotics Competitions among others. In March 2022, RFL Sigma won the FIRST Tech Challenge National Championship and represented India at the FIRST World Festival, Houston, USA, winning 7 out of 8 robot matches, and making India proud! “

For starters, the World Robot Olympiad is the most challenging and world-renowned competition for K-12 students. There are a total of 85 member countries, and they first started with the competition in 2004. Today, over 50,000 teams participate in their respective countries in the multi-tiered competition format.

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