Innovating Robots: Leading Companies in Autopilot Shuttles for Mines

Innovating Robots: Leading Companies in Autopilot Shuttles for Mines

The mining industry remains a hotbed of innovation, with activity driven by the need to boost safety, productivity, and control costs. Autopilot shuttles for mines, equipped with an electronic control design, enhance safety, increase stability and intelligence. Several features including anti-collision, anti-skid, obstacle identification along with automatic driving, remote driving and manual driving functions enhance safety in the mines. This is just one of a slew of innovations in the mining sector, with over 48,000 patents filed and granted in the mining industry in the past three years.

However, not all innovations are created equal and do not follow a consistent upward trend. Instead, their development takes the form of an S-shaped curve that reflects their typical life cycle from early emergence to rapid adoption, before finally stabilizing and reaching maturity.

Determining where a particular innovation lies on this journey, especially those in the emerging and accelerating stages, is essential to understanding the current level of adoption and the likely future path and impact that will have.

150+ innovations that will shape the mining industry

According to GlobalData’s Technology Foresights, which plots the S-curve for the mining industry using innovation density models built on more than 350,000 patents, there are more than 150 areas of innovation that will shape the future of the industry.

within new Innovation phase, flaw detection techniques, power demand optimization, and magnetic path detectors are disruptive technologies that are still in the early stages of application and should be followed closely. Hydraulic mining conveyors, tunnel safety devices, tunnel lining construction devices are some of the accelerating Areas of innovation, where adoption has been steadily increasing. within ripening Areas of innovation are CAD drilling planning and SCARA robotic arms, which are now well established in the industry.

Innovation S curve for robotics in the mining industry

Mine Shuttle Autopilot It is a major emerging area of ​​robotics

Autonomous mining shuttles are heavy, driverless vehicles that can sense the environment and navigate the surface of the dump road without any human intervention. AMTs reduce the risk of equipment contact with auxiliary equipment or equipped manual vehicles (EMV).

Major mining companies in Australia, Europe and the Americas are moving to independent technologies as they strive to avoid casualties. The mining industry started using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous technologies more than a decade ago with Autonomous Mining Trucks (AMT) or Autonomous Transportation Systems (AHS). Independent solutions improve safety and overall productivity at mine sites. By reducing the number of people required around mining equipment, the technology automates transportation processes and reduces the risk of injuries at mine sites. AHS reduces the number of downtimes and changes associated with the use of manned machines in mining operations, allowing for greater equipment availability. It also allows miners to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

GlobalData’s analysis also reveals which companies are at the forefront of each area of ​​innovation and assesses the accessibility and potential impact of patent activity across different applications and geographies. According to GlobalData, there are more than 10 companies, technology distributors, established mining companies, and up-and-coming startups working in the development and implementation of the Autopilot Shuttle.

Key Players in Autopilot Shuttle Autopilot – A disruptive innovation in mining industry

Application Diversity measures the number of different applications identified for each relevant patent and broadly divides companies into “specialized” or “diverse” innovators.

“Geographical reach” refers to the number of different countries in which each relevant patent is registered and reflects the breadth of the intended geographical application, which ranges from “global” to “local.”

Leading companies in the Mining Shuttle include Autopilot Sandivk, whose AutoMine loading and towing automation system has new sensing capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time interactions with its environment. Through the use of obstacle detection, collision avoidance and online 3D mapping, it enables vehicles to adapt and plan their own lanes to find the right ones in ever-changing environments.

To further understand the key topics and technologies disrupting the mining industry, access GlobalData’s latest objective research report on Mining.

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