Integrate mobile bots from multiple vendors

Integrate mobile bots from multiple vendors

Creating heterogeneous fleets of mobile robots by integrating products from different vendors is the next step in warehouse automation. CoEvolution brings this technology to the United States.

CoEvolution, the leading provider of intelligent logistics solutions, has announced that it will soon enter the US market with a solution that enables fleets of mobile bots to be created from multiple providers by integrating with and talking to bots directly.

The CoEvolution solution not only connects existing bot systems but also provides a unified bot control system which means it can talk directly to bots from any provider. Essentially, it works as a universal compiler: an open platform that can integrate with any mobile bot. Technology allows logistics companies and warehouse managers to build unique warehouse automation solutions tailored to their specific needs.

This ability has been enabled by two important developments. First, the market for mobile robots has reached a high level of maturity, which means that there is now a wide range of cheap, reliable and capable mobile robots readily available. Second, recent major advances in software planning technology have broken down barriers to coordinating multiple robots from different fleets in a warehouse environment. These developments included taking video game technology that enables the planning of the movements of multiple agents and applying it to real-world fleets of heterogeneous robots.

Lijun Zhu, CEO of CoEvolution, says: “Due to the ever-increasing demand in the US market for e-commerce and the ongoing shortage of labor, many logistics companies are beginning to consider implementing full workflow automation. This requires a range of specialized robots from different providers. It’s a tough challenge to solve, but CoEvolution has invested heavily in this technology.

“We have developed solid experience in helping logistics companies solve the problem of creating and coordinating heterogeneous fleets of robots from diverse suppliers. Effectively, we fulfill the role of software developer and system integrator in warehouse automation solutions. The results speak for themselves. One new customer doubled in South Korea – Yunda Express Korea – Its storage capacity and labor costs reduced by 40%.

“As an Asian company, we have experience working in some of the most challenging and fast Asian markets. We are now bringing that expertise to the US. We are currently looking for business partners on the ground in the US. We will be attending the ProMat Show in Chicago in March 2023. We hope that We’ll meet you there!”


About CoEvolution

CoEvolution is a leading intelligent logistics solution provider headquartered in Hangzhou, China. The company was founded by Lijun Zhu, who previously worked extensively in logistics both in the US at Amazon and in China at Alibaba. CoEvolution’s flagship product is Common Choice, designed for warehouse scenarios. The company also offers R-star, designed for manufacturing environments, as well as a simulation tool that allows pre-deployment performance and ROI calculations. Current customer case studies can be found here. To learn more, visit

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