International Black Friday offers and coupons 2022

International Black Friday offers and coupons 2022

We’ve been writing about international Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals and coupons since 2014since US-centric promotions such as Amazon Black Friday Deals It is not always suitable for the diverse international audience of CNX programs. Let’s check out the international Black Friday 2022 deals from select manufacturers as well as events from Aliexpress, Banggood, and other stores.

Arduino Black Friday sales

Arduino Black Friday sales The event offers new and old plates at 20% to 25% off, plus a discount for one certificate package. The number of items for sale is limited, as at the time of writing there are only 11. While the screenshot above shows prices in US dollars, the Black Friday event is also live on the EMEA site.

Aliexpress SuperDeals

Usually Aliexpress organizes Black Friday “Global Shopping Festival” event with coupons, deals and lucky draws, but this year The event page is lame…at least not this time because all I can see are T-shirts. The best alternative is to check out SuperDeals page With some potentially interesting products.

Aliexpress SuperDeals

Interestingly, this includes FNIRSI 1013D Digital Oscilloscope which we covered yesterday and sold for $127.50 with an alleged 50% discount, but maybe less than that… Many mini PCs are on offer with Beelink GK Mini It sold for $112.50 and some Apollo Lake minicomputers Less than $100. I didn’t find any challenges based on the discount.


Banggood Black Friday

Banggood has a proper Black Friday 2022 page with a file It happened at least since November 12th. They offer “exclusive $3-$7 coupons, some special “pay $1” promotions to get the lowest price, and some category-specific discounts. Particularly interesting so far.



I used to write about a lot of products from GeekBuying many years ago, but their product offerings have become less relevant to CNX software readers and topics over the years. However, they still have a file Black Friday 2022 event Suitable for international buyers with $5 (GKB22BF05) to $50 (GKB22GB50) coupons that are more interesting – in percentage terms – than those for Banggood. They also have flash deals, category deals for 3D printers, laser engravers, mini computers, TV boxes, and many consumer electronics. The Turing smart screen to display information It sold for $22.99 within the next 24 hours.


SONOFF told us it’s going to have a Black Friday 2022 promotion their shop, but it is over for now and will live on for the next few hours or days. I will update this section as soon as the event page comes out


GEEKOM Discounts for different mini pcs During the event that takes place between 11/15/2022 at 00:01 and 11/30/2022 at 23:59 PST. CMBFIT11 coupon can be used for up to $160 off Mini IT11 models

Black Friday event at Xtool Through December 1 with up to 50% off, and coupons from $20 (orders $300+) to $200 (orders $2,600+) for the company’s two laser engravers.

Elephant robots

The company offers coupons from $50 to $250 for orders over $2,500. their online storeBeside Amazon discountsespecially 10% off the myCobot Pi 280 and 30% off the Metakat, which resembles a cat-shaped robot plush toy…

I will continue to add more International Black Friday and/or Cyber ​​Monday 2022 deals and/or coupons directly to this post or comment section when they catch my eye.

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