Intersec acquires ROS maker Open Source Robotics Corp

Intersec acquires ROS maker Open Source Robotics Corp

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Brian Jerke, former CEO of Open Robotics (left), Wendy Tan White, CEO at Intrinsic (center), and Torsten Kroeger, CTO of Intrinsic (right).

Intrinsic, a software company Launched from Alphabet’s X moonshot division in mid-2021 To simplify the use of industrial robots, it acquired Open Source Robotics Corporation (OSRC), a for-profit arm of the Open Source Robotics Foundation, a robot operating system (ROS) developer.

Intrinsic also acquires Open Source Robotics Corporation Singapore (OSRC-SG), the division of the company that directly led to the launch of the Open-RMF interoperability.

Intrinsic acquires assets from OSRC and OSRC-SG, which are for-profit companies. The Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF) will continue as the independent nonprofit it has always been, with the same mission, now with some new faces and a clear focus on governance, community engagement, and other stewardship activities. OSRC said this means there is no disruption to day-to-day activities regarding OSRF’s core commitment to ROS, Gazebo, Open-RMF, and the entire community.

Brian Gerkey, co-founder and former CEO of Open Robotics, will join Intrinsic as part of the OSRC team and will continue to serve on the OSRF Board of Directors. OSRC engineers will also join Intrinsic.

In a blog announcing the deal“As a small, independent OSRC company, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to meet the diverse needs of our large and growing user community and continue the business of OSRC,” Jerky said. “The greater corporate support from Intrinsic and the resources from this deal allow our team to focus on what we do best and accelerate ROS development and Gazebo and Open-RMF in a sustainable way.

“Together we will give the robotics community great new features in ROS, Gazebo, and Open-RMF, while also building new products and services at the forefront. We will continue to improve ROS, Gazebo, and Open-RMF so that they can be used in more areas, with ever-increasing demands on software quality and testing.” and platform support.”

He continued: “ROS, Gazebo and Open-RMF will be sponsored and developed by OSRF. You can expect ROS 2 Iron Irwini to be available in May 2023 on schedule. Likewise, the continued operation and development of TurtleBot will be the responsibility of OSRF, in partnership with Clearpath Robotics and ROBOTIS.”

“Our mission is to democratize access to botnets. We believe the long-term support of the global ROS community developers is key to that mission.” Our team is eager to welcome and work with new colleagues, expand our use and integration of ROS tools, and build the Intrinsic platform. As we work together to support and serve developers, we see tremendous value in creating a software platform that expands access to intelligent bots in a compliant, useful, and open way, while creating countless opportunities where none existed before. “

Tully Foote, Director of Community and Business Development at Open Robotics, is described in rus speech What does this acquisition mean for the ROS community.

“For starters, this new arrangement isn’t particularly new. OSRF, the foundation, will continue to be responsible for open source intellectual property, project management, and development of the ROS, Gazebo and Open-RMF communities, continuing with its mission, just as before. OSRF will be He is responsible for the Github organizations, continue to operate the project websites (ros.orgAnd the 1, speech, answers, etc.), ROSCon compilation, and TurtleBot development. Basically, if it’s an open source tool or project, it stays with the organization.

Vanessa Yamzon-Orsi, current CFO of Open Robotics will serve as OSRF’s CEO, with Jeffrey Biggs as CTO. The name “Open Robotics” will also remain as a brand under the Foundation’s stewardship. The OSRF team will lead the transition to a more participatory and continuity governance structure for projects, though Similar to that at The Cloud Native Computing Foundation and other projects under the Linux Foundation, OSRF will work closely with members of the ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee to create this new architecture.”

Foote continued, “The OSRC team, as employees of Ininsic, will continue to be involved in the development of ROS, Gazebo and Open-RMF as contributors along with the many developers around the world working to improve the projects. From a community perspective, the team will continue to Writing features, fixing issues, merging pull requests, releasing versions, and generally contributing to projects day in and day out. We’ll have bandwidth dedicated to working on core ROS packages, Gazebo and Open-RMF.”

Editor’s note: This story is evolving. We will update this article if new information becomes available.

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