Is VERO the solution to the Instagram problem?

Is VERO the solution to the Instagram problem?

It’s fair to say that almost all Instagram users are upset with the insane drop in engagement lately. If that’s the only concern we have, I think we’ll stick with the program and find a solution, but it’s not. The other major ball curve that flew upon us is that the photo sharing app is now seemingly focused on anything but photos. Reels, videos, and ads flood our feeds, and countless photographers are voting with their feet and starting to build a presence on VERO in the wake of Peter McKinnon. He put up two YouTube videos encouraging people to VERO in the past month, and they can be found over here And the over here. Now, I’m a huge fan of Peter and his accomplishments, but let’s look at this in the most entertaining way possible: fighting!

VERO is built around being “true social”. They proudly state that it is ad-free and algorithm-free. This is where Instagram started, inviting users to bring back the time feed as standard, replacing the algorithm we have now. There is a way to achieve this, but it requires some tapping. Let’s give VERO a point for that.

Vero 1 – 0 Instagram

First, as a travel photographer and travel educator, networking is an important and essential part of my business plan. Unfortunately, the target market is not on VERO. My target market includes Adobe (not on VERO), Lonely Planet (not on VERO), and NatGeo (not on VERO), you see where I’m going with this, right? Brands with a massive presence on Instagram are completely absent from VERO. So do many of the people who work within those brands whose attention we want to capture. Instagram has users, so Instagram gets the point.

Vero 1 – 1 Instagram

With a tie so far, here’s the next point. money. Peter McKinnon holds significant weight in the photographic community. It’s fair to say it’s touching for us. In one of his videos about moving from Instagram to VERO, Peter said he is “not supported”, but is also a “friend of the owner of VERO”. Although I can’t really go further in that streak and on the surface, there is no money involved with Peter. It’s certainly fair to say that he has sparked a group of his 90 million followers across YouTube and Instagram to make the leap. VERO has been around for a few years now, and it seems that this spike in new users is directly related to his two videos. I can’t award any points here, so the score remains tied.

Vero 1 – 1 Instagram

Next is the links. VERO allows us to post nine different things, including links. What’s interesting here is that Instagram does not allow links within posts. One link is allowed in our bio and one link per story. As a platform that takes advantage of ads, Instagram wants us to stay on its platform and not navigate away via external links. The goal here is to expose users to their ads to continue building their income source. For us, as photographers who make money (either directly or indirectly) by guiding our followers in a certain direction, it can be tough on Instagram without paying for advertising. These ads are the reason why Instagram has a seemingly endless feed. If they can keep us on their platform, they can continue to show ads that make them money. The endless feed is one way to keep us there, and it’s a tactic that works for their pockets but not for our productivity or mental well-being. This time, it’s one point for VERO.

Vero 2-1 Instagram

Pictures are the next point. We all know that our photo sharing has gone down on Instagram. Reels take over our feeds, punctuated every three or so posts with an ad. As photographers, we are committed to photos, not video. We want to see photos, but what about the everyday Instagram user? It seems that people are more interested in Reels, and this is supported given the popularity of TikTok. Short videos may reduce our attention, but they keep people on the platform, moving from one cat video to the next. Looking at this from a photographer’s perspective, it’s definitely a point in VERO. Although the user base is not huge (we’ll get to that), we know that the uploaded images are served to our followers.


Vero 3 – 1 Instagram

Sharing is a hot topic, especially for those of us involved in micro-impact. The engagement measurement comes from looking at the total number of followers, then looking at the post and counting likes and comments to determine the percentage. An Instagram influencer agency usually requires an engagement of 5% or more. I tried to select a single post on multiple accounts with presence on both VERO and Instagram. Unfortunately, Instagram allows users to hide total like counts. In Peter McKinnon’s latest VERO post, I can tell you that his engagement is 3.76%. I can also say with confidence that I have not seen any regression in the accounts accessed on my Instagram account. I also didn’t notice any drop in engagement in Stories. I’ve noticed a drop in engagement on image posts, but Reels has always performed for me at the same high level that posts are used to, before the algorithm. In that regard, though the photos are down, the post is generally on Instagram, and this post comes from the right audience. One point to Instagram.

Vero 3 – 2 Instagram

The suggestions are next in the list. With suggested accounts to follow, Instagram hits hard (maybe too hard). This means that we have the ability to be one of these accounts, suggesting other users to follow. This used to be called “On the Discover Page”, but this page was merged with the search function after an update some time ago. At VERO, we provide suggestions only in one place – the front page. We have several categories of “Featured Users” sorted by category, but this is the only place we can find new content. While it’s true that Instagram has gone a little over the top in offering content we haven’t asked to see, this is a great way to find new content and new accounts to connect with. As well as exposing us to a larger audience. Although there are a lot of suggestions in my feed, it’s a point on Instagram.

Vero 3 – 3 Instagram

So far, it’s a draw. Each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are unique to each user. What’s your opinion? Did I miss anything important to you for which you are awarded points?

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