ITRI ​​will showcase innovations in sports and fitness, artificial intelligence, robotics and ICT at CES 2023 and sports and fitness at CES unveiling in Las Vegas

ITRI ​​will showcase innovations in sports and fitness, artificial intelligence, robotics and ICT at CES 2023 and sports and fitness at CES unveiling in Las Vegas

ITRI ​​innovations include CES 2023 Innovation Award winner AI Aquarium

HsinchuAnd the December 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – File Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)And the Taiwan The world’s largest and one of the leading high-tech applied research institutions, invites you to CES 2023 booth 9855North Hall, LVCC and default event location ( to showcase its innovations in the fields of sports, fitness, artificial intelligence, robotics, and information and communication technology. ITRI ​​also invites you to showcase its innovations in the field of sports and fitness at CES unveiled in Las Vegasbooth 213Level 2, Shoreline Exhibition Hall, Mandalay Bay Convention Centre. Video previews of ITRI innovations are available over here And the over here.

ITRI’s CES 2023 highlights include sports and fitness iSportWeaR, a wearable device that monitors physiological data and provides health analysis and management during exercise; and the Digital Twin Sport Steering with Dynamic Signs Sensingthe world’s first virtual trainer for indoor bike and flywheel training using contact detection technology to advise on breathing, biomechanics, and coordination.

CES 2023, issued by ITRI, highlights artificial intelligence, robotics, and ICT technologies AI Aquariumwinner of the CES 2023 Innovation Award, the world’s first smart aquarium that helps identify marine life in real time; Cubot ONE: Indoor/Outdoor AMR, an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that integrates AI, IoT and 5G technologies, can work indoors and outdoors, ride elevators and travel over rough terrain; And the bot smitha cyber-physical system for grinding and polishing metal workpieces, incorporating sensing, robotics, industry best practices and software to deliver a complete surface finishing solution;


  • ITRI’s sports and fitness technologies at CES 2023 and CES Unveiled Las Vegas include:

    – iSportWeaR It is a wearable device that monitors physiological data and provides health analysis and management during exercise. It uses ITRI’s non-contact low power radar sensor technology and sends an alert when it detects abnormal heart or respiratory rates. iSportWeaR is easy to use with a one-step installation and is compatible with many wearable devices and sporting equipment such as sunglasses and handlebar grips.

    The Digital Twin Sport Steering with Dynamic Signs Sensing The world’s first indoor bike and flywheel virtual trainer contact detection technology and big data analytics to advise breathing, Biomechanics and coordination. The system measures respiration rate via thermal sensing and includes a depth camera for skeletal imaging and motion tracking. It compares the data collected with the stats of world-class cyclists and provides instructions for regulating breathing and improving riding positions.

    – iMetaWeaR It is a smart clothing technology that enables haptic feedback via multi-local electrical stimulation to create an enhanced metaverse experience for users engaged in virtual sports such as boxing and fencing. Dry washable electrodes are printed on the somatosensory garment, eliminating the need for sticky electrodes. The flexible feature and custom design provide high comfort, and the robust control position allows for stimulation variations in an immersive environment.

    The Non-contact EMG detection sports bracelet is a capacitive electrogram (Electromyography) sports armband for continuous, real-time measurement of electrical signals from muscles without direct skin contact. This sports arm tape can measure muscle strength in professional training, and provide information including muscle activation order, fatigue level, and injury alerts through an app. The wearable design includes flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) and the redistribution layer (RDL), and the sensing distance is up to 0.3 mm.

  • ITRI’s AI, robotics and ICT technologies at CES 2023 include:

    AI Aquariuma CES 2023 Innovation Award, is the world’s first smart aquarium that helps observers learn about marine life in real time. With intuitive virtual real integration, the system can recognize aquatic species and show corresponding information on a transparent screen according to the observer’s line of sight. AI Aquarium also performs gesture recognition with an accuracy of 98%. The interactive augmented reality technology can also be used for exhibitions, retail display and medical simulations.

    – Cubot ONE: Internal/External AMR is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) integrate artificial intelligence, The Internet of things and 5G. It can work in indoor and outdoor environments, use elevators, and travel over rough terrain. Autonomous driving visualization and vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) cellular connectivity capabilities allow roadside obstruction avoidance and navigation at signalized intersections. connected to a back-end service platform, cubot One can coordinate several AMRs Within a work area for managing the logistics fleet. It was used to return books in bookstores and deliver food to retailers.

    – Robot Smith It is a cyber-physical system for minerals The job grinding and polishing. It incorporates sensing, robotics, industry best practices, and in-house developed software determination To offer a complete surface finishing solution. The system plans the trajectory and optimizes the trajectory parameters to achieve high accuracy and efficiency. On-site sensors, combined with trained AI models, provide real-time defect detection and ensure process quality.

    The Athena Orchestrator—O-RAN SMO & RIC It is the world’s first private network management platform based on the O-RAN ALLIANCE specification. The platform can provide real-time dynamic resource allocation to save energy for various private network scenarios and can improve the energy efficiency of mobile networks to meet carbon emissions targets.

    The SiC electric powertrain controller For electric vehicles, it is characterized by a built-in thin capacitor busbar several. This design reduces unit size to 5 The It increases driving range and vehicle efficiency. With low power loss, 800 V SiC The driver can save up to 214 kW of energy and reach an efficiency of more than 98%. Energy density can be maintained at >40 kW/Theexceeding the US Department of Energy’s 2025 target of 33 kW/The for a 100 kW propulsion system.


Unveiling at CES in Las Vegas: Tuesday, January 3
Thursday, January 5th to me Sunday, January 8, 2023


Unveiling at CES in Las Vegas: Booth 213, Level 2, Shoreline Exhibition Hall, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las vigas
CES: Booth 9855, North Hall, LVCC and online at ITRI’s virtual event site:


in CES unveiled in Las VegasITRI ​​will showcase its sports and fitness technologies: iSportWeaR, the digital twin of Sports Guidance with Vital Sign Sensing, iMetaWeaR, and a non-contact EMG detection sports armband.
in CES, ITRI ​​will showcase all the sports, fitness, artificial intelligence, robotics and ICT technologies described above.

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Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is one of the world’s leading technology research and development institutions aiming to innovate a better future for society. Founded in 1973, ITRI has played a vital role in the transformation Taiwan Industries from labor-intensive to innovation-driven. To meet market needs and global trends, it launched the technology strategy and roadmap for 2030 and focuses on developing innovation in smart living, good health and sustainable environment. It also strives to enhance intelligence-enabled technology to support diverse applications.

Over the years, ITRI has been dedicated to incubating startups and spin-offs, including well-known names like UMC and TSMC. In addition to its headquarters in TaiwanITRI ​​has subsidiary offices in the United States. EuropeAnd the Japan In an effort to expand research and development and strengthen international cooperation around the world. For more information, please visit the website

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