Jared Bundy just played his second 300-game career and first at St. George's in the Sunset Lanes, adding games of 215 and 157 for the 672 series and included a total of 23 strokes.

Jared Bundy keeps hitting

During his days as a baseball player, Jared Bundy was a Southern soccer player who could throw a 90-mph heater, or dial his speed back to keep hitters out of balance with an 80-mph curveball.

The key was that he could throw hits on both pitches. In a somewhat similar way, it’s the same ability to throw hits that makes him a top-notch player.

He proved it again in Wednesday’s Promo League at Sunset Lanes when he started his first league game by crushing his pocket 1-2. Ditto for the second and third frame.

And hits kept coming, including his first two shots in the 10th frame. And within a nanosecond of his third ball hitting the pocket in the 10th minute, a crowded applause and loud girlfriends told the story as his last shot gave him 300 thrills.

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