Julia Fox created a dress out of autumn leaves. (Image via Getty)

Julia Fox’s handmade dress sparks hilarious reactions online

Italian American Actress Julia Fox The festival sparked an internet meme after she revealed a dress and matching earrings on social media made from actual tree leaves.

On November 19, the model took to her Instagram handle to show her followers a leaf-themed collection she made by collecting and liking fall leaves. In the short video she shared, she said:

Julia Fox “Fall 2022” dress made of leaves, resin and handpicked chains https://t.co/NSUiQFQtgd

“I’m a leaf freak, and I go to the garden every day, so I could see the leaves changing. It really inspired me.”

The handmade dress drew praise but also left many fans shocked, as Fox showed the behind-the-scenes process of making it.

Fox is known for her daring and wild fashion choices, which have often made headlines in the past.

Twitter reacts to Julia Fox’s new dress

After Julia Fox’s new leaf-shaped dress went viral across the internet, my Twitterati couldn’t stop themselves from replying to it with a very funny memes. Many users mentioned that it was Eve who pulled off this type of outfit first, while others just wondered if people knew the difference between a “dress” and a “two-piece outfit”.

Some users also praised Julia Fox’s creativity and fashion sense, with one even suggesting she be replaced by Anna Wintour as editor-in-chief of Vogue.

@tweet Even if it’s not the prettiest thing ever, it looks a lot cooler than a lot of things designers seem to make and it cost her about $5 to do it.

Julia Fox showed off the process behind her paper dress

In an Instagram video shared by Julia Fox, it was posted Uncut gemstones The BTS actress showed how she created and painted leaves into outfits with her Friend Emma Fujiko.

The star started the video by collecting some fall leaves from a nearby park. She then filmed herself and her friend, who she describes as an artist and expert in making resin, brushing the papers, coating them with the formula, and “freezing them in time”.

After the leaves dried, Fox and Fujiko used hot glue to hold them together, making the top and bottom halves of the stack. They connected the two parts using chains and hooks placed on leaf stems. The outfit consists of a bikini style bra and bottoms.

Fox also added that some of the leaves were intentionally hung in such a way as to make them look like they were falling off.

“I kind of want it to be, more like body jewelry than clothing.”

During the video’s wrap-up, Fox revealed the final result, saying she was “kind of obsessed” with the dress but wasn’t sure if it was “wearable” since she came out.

“It was truly a labor of love. Anything can be clothing, ladies, and now that we’re in bad times, we all need to learn how to be cool.”

Julia Fox completed the two-piece outfit with brown knee-high boots with triangle toes and 2-3 inch stiletto heels.

Julia Fox told the paper that she “made” the cellophane-saran-love-evident bag and shoes about an hour before attending the event. https://t.co/kiZ3pkm794

This isn’t the first time Fox has made its own collection dress. In September 2022, she attended Bloomingdale’s Party of 2022 in a costume made of cellophane. She also told Insider that she made the bag and shoes just an hour before the event.

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