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Keep an eye on how much 3D printing filament you have

3D printing enthusiasts are interested in being able to keep an eye on how much 3D printing filament They left their dumps. He may be interested in something new Arduino project It easily lets you know exactly how much filament is left without the need for any additional software or apps. The easy to use display can be attached to your 3D printer and provides a display and uses a scale to provide an accurate calculation of exactly how much filament is left in your spool. The project was created by Instructables member InterlinkKnight and posted for you to make your own.

3D printing filament monitor

“This is my DIY filament holder with built-in scale for my 3D printers, using arduino, load cell and OLED display. The main difference between this and the common scale is that this device has the ability to add multiple profiles to store different Tare values ​​so that in this way we can measure the weight of Only the remaining filament except for the weight of the empty spool, because each brand of filament has a different weight and material for the same spool.”

Features :

– It can measure weights from 10g to 9999g.
– There are 3 buttons (left, enter, right) that can be used to scroll through different profiles and navigate through the menu system.
– You can add, edit and delete profiles using the menu system. It can store up to 20 profiles, with their name and empty value. Maximum of 21 characters for each profile name.
– You can perform a complete load cell calibration using the menu system, so there is no need to modify the chart in any way.
– Configurable dead zone with real time readout on screen. The dead zone helps ignore the fluctuations of the constant pull/push of the filament in the 3D printer, so we show the most realistic estimate of the actual weight remaining in the spool.
– All settings are stored in EEPROM memory so you will remember all settings after turning off the device.
– There is an option in the menu for FACTORY RESET arduino to clear the EEPROM (User Data).
– Auto-center small text in home/normal screen ignoring spaces on the right.
– When a new profile is added, the new profile will be saved after the current profile so that the order can be arranged in a predictable manner. To make this work, it took a lot of effort, so while you might take this for granted, it’s not a trivial feature.
– When powering on, changing profiles, or returning from the menu, the weight is shown starting at the bottom edge of the dead zone so that the device is ready to measure a drop of filament weight immediately.
– No time out for being on the list. Yes, that’s right, this is an advantage. why? I hate the timeouts that will exit the menu if no operation is performed after a few seconds, but I think this is a bad design that causes stress and frustration because you feel like you need to rush things with the threat of having to start over from the beginning. You won’t find anything like that here.

Arduino blog wrote:

Every common slitting machine on the market will provide a fairly accurate estimate of the amount of filament (in mass and length) required for the job. To determine if you have enough filament, simply know the length or weight of the filament remaining on the spool. It is almost impossible to know. Length unless you keep track of the feed over time, but it’s easy to weigh the filament.As long as you can subtract the spool weight (setting the tare), you can determine if you have enough filament.This device weighs the current spool and subtracts the tare.

For more complete information and instructions on how to create your own project, go to the official Instructables project page by following the link below.

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