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Kolkata Homemaker starts DIY gardening YouTube channel at 51

Most of us consider gardening as a hobby. But for a few, it is a source of a new identity and a new means of income.

Musumi Mondal from Kolkata is one such person. She has been an avid gardener for the past 27 years and has always loved being around plants.

Her family owned a beautiful garden that she tends when she was a child. But due to frequent changes of residence, she could not do something similar for nine years after marriage. Finally, in 1995 when she moved into a new home with a spacious patio, Musume planted an array of fruit trees including jackfruit, guava, mango, and betel nut. In the midst of these trees, she also planted some flowering plants.

But a few years later, trees were cut down to build a new building leaving it devastated. “It made me really sad, but on a brighter note, I thought that as long as I had a passion for gardening, nothing could stop me,” she says. India is the best.

Since then, her approach to gardening has shifted from the ground to the balcony. Many fruits and vegetables such as ShikoStar fruit, dragon fruit, brinjal, bitter gourd and beans in the balcony garden. Besides, she has also cultivated several types of seasonal flowering plants. In total, there are more than 100 plants in her lush garden.

Musume launched her YouTube channel in 2016 to overcome her loneliness.

Since Musume has always been a housewife, she has plenty of time left after the daily chores that are used to take care of the plants. “Even then, there was plenty of time left in my daily schedule. When my only son left for Murshidabad for work in 2016, I felt very empty. There was a computer in our house but I wasn’t aware of it. My son asked me to watch clips A YouTube video of people from different parts of the world doing gardening and I felt why not start something similar,” Musume shares.

Then I decided to start a file YouTube channel Share your gardening tips and tricks. What began with her beautiful garden display to viewers turned into garden landscape design ideas.

“Since I am Bengali, my Hindi is not very good. At first, I would pick up my phone and take a walk in the garden every now and then speaking Bengali. Without editing a bit, I uploaded it. But people came and commented to speak in Hindi and share tips on growing a particular plant. In Indeed, through their constant feedback I have been able to improve my video editing and gardening skills,” she flows.


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Musumi Mondal in her garden in Kolkata filled with ornamental plants
Musume in her garden.

Musume, who did not know the names of plants in Hindi, began to learn the language, making interesting decorations using her plants and sharing them with her audience. Her viewership has slowly increased and she now has a group of more than one follower on the platform.

“Even my family members were surprised to know that I make money from YouTube. At first, all of them found it a ridiculous hobby. I spent nearly two years perfecting my video making/editing skills and learning the language. But the positive comments and revenue encouraged me to make videos regularly,” this What the creator said.

Musume also shares that while this is a good source of income, it takes a lot of effort to come up with interesting content that people like. “Decorating the garden takes several hours and for shooting videos, lighting is very important. Thus, everything has to be done in the day itself. I manage the whole process on my own, from caring for the plants to uploading the video. It is tiring but very satisfying for the plant lover inside me.

YouTube Musume Park in Kolkata
There are more than 100 plants in its collection.

Today, the gardener’s biggest support are her grandchildren who frequently appear in her videos as well. It also teaches them the gardening techniques that kids love with their grandmother.

Read the story in Hindi over here.

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