[Korea Contact-Free] Damien Robot "develops and supplies autonomous robots used in hospitals"

[Korea Contact-Free] Damien Robot “develops and supplies autonomous robots used in hospitals”

Los Angeles, California, December 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ – Damin Robot (CEO Bok-hyun Kang), who participates in the ‘Pilot Service Project Close to Contactless Life’ implemented by the Ministry of Science, ICT and the National Agency for IT Industry Promotion (Chairman Seong-wook Hyo, indicated (hereafter as NIPA), is a robot company that provides specialized robot services.

The “Contact-Free Close to Life Pilot Service Project”, which this company is participating in for the second year this year, is a project that NIPA has been implementing since last year. It is a project that develops, demonstrates and disseminates pioneering contact-free services closely related to people’s daily lives. The response of the participating companies has been very positive. Founded in October 2019, Damin Robot has been selected as the task specific (autonomous mobility booth) for this project and is implementing the project. As one of the self-service robots, a “guiding robot based on self-driving to improve the experience of hospital patients” will be developed and demonstrated.

CEO Bok-hyun Kang said, “Our company’s mission is to improve people’s value and quality of life by helping people work and increasing efficiency with robots. In hospitals, factories, restaurants, cafes, and offices with a lot of logistics flow, robots improve work efficiency through robots.” Replacing people with cargo transportation services.In addition, in order to create high value-added businesses, we provide specialized robot services based on our robot product development experience and field application experience.

Since its establishment in 2019, the company has achieved the following: • Supply and maintenance of logistics robots (September 2020) • Supply of guiding robots for exhibition halls and museums (October 21) • Development and supply of 3D sensors for smart factories (Dec 21) • Supply of autonomous robots for hospitals ( in progress)

The “surgical guide robot” developed and introduced by this company is a product to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and prevent further patient dissatisfaction with the same procedure to identify the patient and confirm the surgical location. University hospitals, large hospitals, and small and medium-sized hospitals are used as sources of demand to reduce patient complaints and medical staff work.

CEO Kang said, “In the case of patients who have undergone surgeries, there are complaints because the medical staff checks the patient 5 to 6 times before surgery, and the stress of the medical staff also increases, which may cause errors. And the hospital can suffer damages.” fatal, so it is necessary to take measures to reduce them. The self-service robot we are developing replaces the surgical procedure of checking patient information, eliminating errors and increasing the satisfaction of patients and medical staff.

The motivation behind Damin Robot’s participation in NIPA’s ‘Near Contactless Life Pilot Service Project’ is that autonomous robots are suitable for solving hospital inconveniences, which are closely related to people’s lives. In particular, the company believes that it can take the lead in distributing contact-free services close to life by solving fatal errors that may occur due to the intensity of work in hospitals through robots.

There are two basic functions of autonomous robots. It is a driving platform for self-driving performance and safety. Damin Robot has both technologies. It also obtained a safety certificate (ISO13482) to ensure safety in a place where people coexist. Unlike the robots of large companies, the company’s autonomous robots have the advantage of analyzing and reflecting customer requirements, manufacturing and supplying customized products. Customer needs can be maximized through multiple products with a small quantity production structure rather than mass production.

Damin Robot has experience in supplying and applying production logistics robots for auto parts factories. They also have the knowledge to operate a factory site for autonomous driving-based logistics robots. In addition, a number of guidance robots have been developed and delivered as products tailored to meet customer needs for guidance in museums, exhibition halls, and building information. Besides the Surgical Guide Robot, they provide tour bots, social quarantine bots, and small logistics transport bots.

Damin Robot is looking for domestic and foreign sales partners. They are considering setting up a company that supplies equipment to university hospitals, large hospitals and small and medium hospitals as the best partner. CEO Kang said: “Among the equipment needed by hospitals, there is a growing demand for optimizing in-hospital logistics with autonomous driving-based robot services. By participating in the pilot service project Close to Life, Contactless, interest from hospitals or Companies that supply equipment to hospitals. Offers for business cooperation are also being received.

He then said that safety is most important for autonomous robots that move around in a place where people coexist. He continued: “Our robot platform is a product that has obtained safety certification (ISO13482). We use 3D LiDAR sensor to detect moving obstacles (including people), 2D LiDAR sensor, 3D camera, and sensors such as ultrasound. To enhance safety functions .”

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