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Kumao robots and advanced technologies for the E.Do Learning Center, Ferrari’s educational project to support new generations of students in the local community

Comau has developed advanced technologies and training solutions for the “e.DO Learning Center” educational project, which Ferrari constantly promotes with its continued support of the local lands. The center opens today at the Istituto Istruzione Superiore (IIS) “Fermo Corni” in Modena (Italy), a higher education institute and high school. This initiative, which highlights the growing importance of bringing robotics from the factory to a growing number of new sectors, provides students with a unique learning environment that is both fun and engaging. It is also an important tool for teaching skills that can be used for future jobs.

The inauguration was attended by Benedetto Vigna, CEO of Ferrari, along with Stefano Bonaccini, president of the Emilia-Romagna region, Gian Domenico Tommy, president of the region, and Gian Carlo Mozzarelli, mayor of Modena. Representatives of companies, organizations, and academics were able to experience the capabilities of the e.DO e-learning center first-hand during a demonstration led by Comau instructors.

Part of Comau Academy’s innovative educational platform – known as the e.DO Experience – the e.DO Learning Center is a new, hands-on concept that provides learning materials and tools to help children aged 8-19 explore robotics, coding and STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering). and Mathematics) powered by Robot Komao e.DO. Soft skills and work culture are also taught as part of the enriching educational path.

The initiative aims to create a creative environment for young people with an educational background focused on new technologies and innovative solutions. It is designed to inspire a culture of technology in schools across the Province of Modena, stimulate curiosity and interest, and help students develop the skills they need to enter the job market in a new and highly effective way.

The e.DO Learning Center is an innovative learning platform consisting of 5 6-axis electronic robots complete with all necessary materials and accessories, allowing school students to enhance their knowledge of STEM subjects through the use of robotics. A full range of educational materials are also included, with each training package revolving around the concept of teamwork. Putting students into groups, they program their e.DO bot to solve challenging tasks related to business scenarios. In fact, the exercises are simulations of real situations immersed in business metaphors, such as a construction site or a startup project.

“This important initiative, implemented with a company as prestigious as Ferrari, is a testament to Comao’s dedication to creating social value for the local territory and designing advanced robotics solutions for new segments,” explained Pietro Gurrilier, CEO of Comao. “The e.DO e-Learning Center is the ideal tool to engage and motivate new generations to develop innovative skills, both technical and personal, that are increasingly essential in today’s study pathways and an ever-changing world of work. A commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies is one of the foundations of this educational project and part of essential from Comau’s DNA.”

According to Ezio Fregnan, Comau Academy and Director of Business Education, the interactive approach has proven very successful. “The e.DO Learning Center is an essential part of giving students the opportunity to experience hands-on learning from a 6-axis robot with the help of an expert instructor, and in doing so, allowing them to build a solid foundation in STEM and robotics for beginners. It reflects Comao Academy’s commitment to anticipating the needs of Future training and development of innovative and stimulating educational projects for the future generation of young talents.


Comau Academy provides cutting edge educational programs capable of incorporating innovative technologies and effective training packages for the teaching skills that will be required for future jobs.

The e.DO-based educational initiative started in Italy in collaboration with Fondazione Agnelli and has since expanded worldwide. Today, in addition to the e.DO Learning Center and Learning Lab, the e.DO Experience Offer includes a Robotics License, an educational path leading to an internationally recognized certification in the operation and programming of industrial robots that students can earn with immediate benefit from their job search.

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